Why Consider The Merlyn Group for Your BRM Professional Development Needs?

Vaughan Merlyn, CBRM:

  • Developed and delivered the very first Business Relationship Management (BRM) professional development program 22 years ago.
  • Has trained hundreds of BRM professionals around the world.
  • Is an active and valued consultant, helping organizations establish and improve their BRM capabilities.
  • Knows what works—and what are the pitfalls and common failure modes in Business Relationship Management.
  • As the BRMI Chief Examiner for APMG-International, led the development of the BRMP® and CBRM® courses and certification exams.
  • Offers both ‘off the shelf’ and custom training to meet your specific needs.
  • Offers on-line and classroom-based training—optionally in a time zone convenient to you.
We are proud to offer off-the-shelf and customized training, based on over 22 years of experience training and helping companies develop their Business Relationship Management capabilities.

To discuss our on-site, online and custom BRM training programs, please contact us.

Here are some recent comments from trainees*:

  • “Great class Vaughan! Thanks for the ideas and energy. Our BRMs already have an off-site day scheduled to discuss the Innovation class, and implement some of the ideas!”
  • “Vaughan, the course was excellent! The material was dead-on. You provided many great insight on the points you were trying to emphasize.”
  • “This was a fantastic course and I’m glad I was able to participate!”
  • “Vaughan did a great job presenting elements clearly with great examples. Also brought wonderful enthusiasm, humor and energy. Thank you.”
  • “The examples which the instructor was able was pull from his experience was very key to the discussions.”
  • “Excellent energy and content. It was engaging and made me want to share it with my colleagues. Thanks!”
*Actual comments from post-training class evaluations.

Course Catalog:

Vaughan Merlyn is not offering public classes at this time—he is only offering onsite classes.  Our Affiliate Trainer, Kip Fanta Group, is offering public classes. To view the current course catalog, or to register, please click here.



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