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What You Probably Don't Know About Wikis

Several of my posts talk about uses of semantic wikis.  In fact, my company is largely based upon a semantic wiki platform, called Symcordia™.  But the more people I talk to, the more I realize that: While just about everyone has used Wikipedia as a reference source, few people have ever really thought about what [...]

Changing the Culture of an IT Organization – One Wiki Page at a Time!

I've been a student of IT organizational culture since I began my management consulting career some 30+ years ago.  It's wrong, of course, to generalize too broadly, but I've worked with literally hundreds of large enterprise IT organizations (i.e., IT organizations of 250+ members) and have seen more commonalities than differences.  Of course, within any [...]

More Hurdles in the Shift from Documents to Wikis

Last week, I posted about The Painful But Rewarding Shift from Documents to Wikis.  In the post I shared some of the lessons my partner and I have learned from our experiences helping IT organizations shift to a Wiki approach for creating organizational clarity and getting people in the organization to engage in continuous improvement.  [...]

The Painful But Rewarding Shift from Documents to Wikis

I posted recently on the question, Can Social Media Significantly Improve the Ways IT Work Is Performed?  The post began to share some of the lessons learned as I continue to work with IT organizations that are pushing into the "social media" age and using tools such as Wikis and Social Networking to drive IT [...]

'Social' IT Management – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series on 'Social' IT Management, my esteemed colleague, Roy Youngman and I discussed the inherent complexity of the IT management function, and how a more 'social' and emergent approach can represent a better way to manage IT.  In Part 2, we will briefly discuss the types of things that could [...]