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Book Review – Be The Business: CIOs in the New Era of IT

I reviewed Martha Heller's last book, The CIO Paradox: Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership back in October 2012, because I thought it was an important book for my typical blog readership, the IT community. When Martha invited me to review her new book, I jumped at the opportunity because: I respect Martha's perspective—she is both an IT executive [...]

What Should We Be Measuring?

A short post inspired by Ryan Ogilvie's latest post at Service Management Journey. I'm often asked, "What should we be measuring?" or "Can you share with me what you consider to be leading practice metrics for x?"  I'm always bemused by such requests--I sort of understand why I'm being asked, but it really does not [...]

Key IT Roles for Driving Business Value

I've posted at length about the Business Relationship Manager (BRM) role as being key to driving business value from IT. But what other roles—typically under-served—work with the BRM in the pursuit of business value from IT? In this post, I am going to introduce three dimensions of value realization than are important to driving business [...]

Four Reasons for a Business Case – And Why Three of Them Are Wrong!

Most Business-IT initiatives require some type of Business Case (cost-justification) to be prepared.  The common purposes for these Business Cases include: Clarify the initiative Justify the cost Prioritize the initiative against other activities competing for limited resources (e.g., funds, people) As sensible and worthwhile as these sound, the dirty secret is that most business cases [...]

Do You Have IT Organizational Clarity – Part 3

This picks up on Part 1 and Part 2 in this series on IT Organizational Clarity. In Part 1, I discussed the importance of IT Organizational Clarity, the symptoms when clarity is compromised, and the challenges of trying to address those symptoms rather than the root causes that lead to compromised clarity.  Part 1 closed [...]

Do You Have IT Organizational Clarity – Part 2

My previous post introduced the topic of IT Organizational Clarity, discussed common symptoms arising from a lack of Organizational Clarity, and suggested two dimensions through which clarity can be assessed and improved: Bounding scope by defining "IT Capabilities" at an appropriate level of granularity. (Units of analysis). Defining meaningful and assessable characteristics for IT Capabilities. [...]

How "IT-Savvy" Is Your Company? Why Does That Matter?

Regular readers will know that from time to time I refer to research by Peter Weill, Chairman & Senior Research Scientist, Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) at the MIT Sloan School of Management.  I've had the privilege of knowing Dr. Weill for many years, and having collaborated with him on several multi-company research initiatives. [...]

Is Your IT Organization an Enabler? Or a Preventer?

A really short post today (could have been a Tweet if I were so inclined!)  I got a great comment from a CIO client to my post yesterday on the ROI of Enterprise 2.0.  He said, One of Dion Hincliffe's lines definitely hits home for me... "In the end, all one can actually do predictably [...]

Don't Look for ROI on Enterprise 2.0 – Look for Value!

Dion Hinchcliffe had a superb post on Determining the ROI of Enterprise 2.0.  The post cites several authoritative and useful sources on the subject.  It also hypothesizes several reasons for the mostly "wait and see" attitude currently taken by most IT leaders and business managers. But I mainly want to focus on the business case [...]

Best Buy and Web 2.0

I've posted quite a few times on Web 2.0 capabilities as a way to drive new energy, and even innovation, into an IT organization and the company it serves. The Wikinomics blog (full disclosure - this is affiliated with nGenera Corporation, the company I am with) just posted a very nice piece on how Best [...]