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IT Pros – What Will Become of Them?

Ben Worthen had a great post last week in the WSJ Business Technology blog entitled "Tech Pros: The Next Dinosaurs?"  Ben cites Nucleus Research's Rebecca Wettemann: It's the logical consequence of two interrelated trends: the average worker becoming more tech savvy, and tech companies realizing that appealing directly to workers is as - if not [...]

So, What Comes After Level 3 Business-IT Maturity?

I had a question from a colleague recently that I'd like to address in this post.  She asked, "I’m going to ask a possibly 'dumb' question, but since I believe that there are no dumb questions I’m asking it anyway…  Since level 3 is constantly evolving i.e., today’s Level 3 will be tomorrow’s Level 2 [...]

Reaching Level 3: The Mindset Factor

I've posted before on the role of ambition as a key factor in driving business-IT maturity.  I want to move beyond that and pick up the theme of mindset.  This is a topic I covered in today's teleconference as part of our multi-client research project into business-IT maturity. According to Wikipedia, Mindset refers to the [...]

Podcast on Business-IT Maturity Model

  I'm very proud that Tom Parish, host and audio producer for the excellent Enterprise Leadership web site, invited me to deliver a podcast on the Business-IT Maturity model.  Just click on the last phrase in the previous sentence, or right-click to download the mp3 file. It was a great deal of fun to do [...]

The "Unwritten Rules" of Business-IT Maturity – Part 2

Today I will expand upon the introduction in my last post to the topic of 'unwritten rules' as they pertain to Business-IT Maturity.  First a reminder - the Business-IT Maturity model I've discussed from various angles since starting this blog last October addresses 'two sides of the coin', those being Business Demand maturity(the business appetite for [...]

Business-IT Maturity and Change in Organizational Mission

As I've been researching human and organizational development for BSG Concours's Reaching Level 3 multi-client research, I was reminded of the role of organizational "mission" as frequently expressed through some form of mission statement.   I've done a lot of work over the years (both research and consulting) on IT organizational change and transformation, much of [...]

Business-IT Maturity and Human Development Archetypes

  My post yesterday suggested that human development might be a useful metaphor for Business-IT Maturity.  In particular, we might imagine the parallels between physical, cognitive, social and economic development.  We might apply these developmental dimensions to both business maturity with information technology, and to the maturity of the IT organization.  This gives us both [...]

Human Development as a Metaphor for Business-IT Maturity

As part of the "Reaching Level 3" Business-IT maturity research project I'm currently involved in, I've been thinking about human metaphors to see if these add any insight or richness that help us better understand how IT organizations (and the businesses they support) mature, how to assess maturity, and how to safely accelerate the maturation process. [...]

New Multi-client Research Program

I'm very excited!  At the end of this week I'm participating in a new multi-cient "future leading practices" research initiative:  Project: RLT - Reaching Level 3 Business-IT Capability. From time to time I'd like to raise questions on this blog that I think are fundamental to improving IT capability in general, but also more specifically to [...]