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ITIL and the Business Relationship Manager: Avoiding the Performance Trap!

I have good news, and I have bad news! The Good News... The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) 2011 edition and the ISO/IEC 20000 standard for IT Service Management formalized the existence of the Business Relationship Manager (BRM) role and corresponding Business Relationship Management process as a new best practice and international IT Service Management standard [...]

To Whom Should Business Relationship Managers Report?

I recently received this question from a reader: We are evaluating a strategy to centralize IT and implement Business Relationship Management (BRM) roles as part of the centralization. Where do you typically see the BRM’s reporting into in a centralized IT organization? Should they report directly in to the CIO, or can they be effective [...]

"But We Don't Have the Discipline to Implement ITILv3!"

I was talking to a consultant recently about some process work he was doing with a large, global IT organization.  I asked him if they had adopted any formal service management framework and he said that when he asked them about ITILv3, they said, "We tried that, but we just don't have the discipline to [...]

Marketing Mix and the IT Organization

Inspired yet again by Chris Brogan, I'm trying an experiment with a video post.  I've posted before on IT and marketing disciplines and I though this might be a good topic to create a small series (3 or 4) of short video posts on the 4 P's of marketing as they apply to the work [...]

Managing IT Infrastructure vs. Platforms

I was in an interesting discussion with one of my consulting clients recently.  I was with a group of IT managers responsible for their firm's shared IT assets.  This is a large, global enterprise that has been on an aggressive journey over the last 5 years to transform business-IT maturity.  By any measure, they have been [...]

IT Service Management vs. IT Product Management

  In an earlier post, I discussed the differences between and relationships among Project, Program and Portfolio management - this continues to be a popular post.  Today I'd like to explore the differences between IT Product Management and IT Service Management as they pertain to IT and to business-IT maturity.  This thread is inspired in [...]

Six Sigma and Process Innovation

  The Enterprise Leadership site posted a nice piece on ITIL and Six Sigma back in December, and more recently on Getting Six Sigma Right.  I want to reflect on this, and expand on my own post a while back which discussed IT Improvement versus Breakthrough. Quality guru W. Edwards Deming said you can focus [...]

IT Funding and the "Stealth Infrastructure" Trap

Another common sticking point that shows up in IT funding approaches in Level 2is the "stealth infrastructure" trap.  The logic (or illogic!) behind this is, "The business does not understand all this infrastructure stuff (or plug in your enterprise-wide IT improvement initiative du jour - e.g., SOA, Enterprise Architecture) so we will squirrel away funds [...]

Project vs. Program vs. Portfolio Management

I mentioned in the last post the shift from project management to program management as one of the many important shifts in business-IT maturity that typically take place around the middle of Level 2 (in a simplified 3-level model).  I want to explore that in greater detail in this post, and connect it to Portfolio [...]