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Leveraging the Cloud to Accelerate IT Renewal – Part 3

This is the third and final part in a three-part post on how Cloud Computing can provide a fast path to “IT Renewal.” What is IT Renewal? In the first post in this series, I discussed how information and technology are becoming ever more central to what an organization does and how it does it [...]

From Business-IT Alignment to Business-IT Convergence

I've posted before on the emergent confluence between business and IT.  I've also discussed the shift from Business-IT Alignment to Business-IT Convergence as an aspect of increasing business and IT maturity.  I've noted (Goodbye, Shadow IT - Hello, Shadow IT) that 'Shadow IT', often viewed as a problem to be solved might be more appropriately [...]

The Dangers of Cloudy Thinking!

I'm fascinated and bemused by this Cloud Computing phenomenon.  Never before have I had such a strong feeling that something really, really important is happening - a fundamental discontinuity, if you will, in the way we leverage IT - and yet most of my clients and those I am interacting with in a couple of [...]

Clouds, SaaS and the Wal-Martification of Health Care IT

Over the years, a lot of my consulting work has been in pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.  That experience has been augmented over the last few months through my work with a major integrated health care, biomedical research, and medical education institution.  Through these experiences I have become fascinated with the potential for IT to [...]

SaaS – A Missing Link?

I had dinner the other night with a friend who is a very successful software company CEO.  When I say successful, I mean both as in growing a traditional software company from next to nothing to a very successful IPO some years back, repeating the exercise in a very different market segment, and now successfully [...]

Recession and Business-IT Maturity

Just as a lot of CIO's were gearing up for a year or two of growth and innovation, many are now being told to "hunker down" for a period of austerity.  The usual first victims - cut travel, cut training, cut anything that smells like overhead!  That Enterprise Architecture initiative that was starting to pay off? [...]

SaaS and the IT Organization Circa 2017

I've speculated before in this blog that Software as a Service was a significant force of change on IT organizations.  A colleague just turned me on to a (new to me) blog called Think IT Services, and its latest post Why IT Now Sees SaaS As A Savior.  In his post Jeff Kaplan cites several indications [...]

So, What Comes After Level 3 Business-IT Maturity?

I had a question from a colleague recently that I'd like to address in this post.  She asked, "I’m going to ask a possibly 'dumb' question, but since I believe that there are no dumb questions I’m asking it anyway…  Since level 3 is constantly evolving i.e., today’s Level 3 will be tomorrow’s Level 2 [...]

New Year's Resolutions for Reaching Level 3

  Some suggestions for IT leaders who are determined to drive up the business value and impact of Information Technology during 2008: I resolve to be more effective in raising awareness of the potential for information technology to drive business growth.  I will bring 'marketing thinking' to my IT organization, and focus on improving our [...]

Reflections on 2007 – En Route to 2017 (Part 2)

I reflected in my last post on several significant milestones that mark 2007 on the journey to 2017 for IT organizations.  When students of IT organizational evolution look back on 2007 ten years from now, what might this year be remembered for?  I'll continue this theme now.  Enterprise Systems unmasked as "no big deal" after all! [...]