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Who’s Taking Care of Organizational Change Management?

Where are all the Organizational Change experts?
I’ve worked with many companies over the last 45 years or so who were trying to improve business performance by implementing IT-enabled change (or, more precisely, by implementing business process change enabled by IT). I’ve also worked with IT organizations who were trying to improve their performance by deploying […]

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Scrum: Twice the Work in Half the Time–Really? Part 2

This is Part 2 of a 2-part post.

In Part 1 I provided some context for my post inspired by the book “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time” by Jeff Sutherland, including a disclaimer on why you might not like this book. If you are experienced in Scrum methods, please […]

Scrum: Twice the Work in Half the Time–Really? Part 1

This post was inspired by my recent read of the book, “Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the […]

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Value-based Business Relationship Management: Part 2

This is the second in a short series of posts I will be writing about business value realization and the role of IT, and in particular, the role of Business Relationship Management.
In the first post in this series, I described what it means to realize business value and how business value can be influenced through […]

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Four Reasons for a Business Case – And Why Three of Them Are Wrong!

Most Business-IT initiatives require some type of Business Case (cost-justification) to be prepared.  The common purposes for these Business Cases include:

Clarify the initiative
Justify the cost
Prioritize the initiative against other activities competing for limited resources (e.g., funds, people)

As sensible and worthwhile as these sound, the dirty secret is that most business cases fail to achieve their […]

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Why Do Outsourcers Deliver Better Project Performance Than Inhouse Resources?

I was talking to a CIO last week about his desire to “tune” his IT Operating Model.  I asked about the symptoms he was observing that he’d like to see eliminated through the Operating Model tuning.  His answer was one I’d heard many times – but that did not lessen the passion that came across […]

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The Keys to IT Demand Management

Once again, I’m posting in response to a reader’s emailed question.  The reader wrote:
While trying to understand the difference between Demand management, Portfolio Management and Project management from an IT Infrastructure Service delivery perspective, I stumbled upon your blog and found some interesting reads.  Could you please share your thoughts on how to define Demand […]

Projects, Programs and Portfolios – 3 Common Traps

I recently got the following email from a reader of my blog:
I am a student of project management…  Thank you for the article Project vs. Program vs. Portfolio Management.  However, I have a challenge deciphering the relationship between these terms and I think an illustration using an example would help me a lot. I kindly […]

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Why Some Projects Should Be "Led," Not "Managed"

I’ve posted before (many times!) about Business-IT Maturity, and the common “sticking points” that most IT organizations run into around the mid-point between low and high maturity.  (See, for example, here, here, and here, or enter “Sticking Point” into the search box.)
Walking Ever Faster Will Not Get You Running!
If, arbitrarily, you pick 3 levels of […]

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The Accidental Project Manager

Some IT organizations invest a great deal in the processes and disciplines of Project Management.  As well they should – much of an IT Organization’s work is performed through projects.

Various approaches are deployed to bring consistency and effectiveness to Project Management disciplines – Centers of Excellence (CoE), Project (and Program and Portfolio) Management Offices (PMO), […]

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