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Common Failure Modes in Business Relationship Management – Part 4

This is the fourth and penultimate in a series of  posts about common failure modes I come across in the deployment of a Business Relationship Management (BRM) role and/or capability.

In Parts 1, 2 and 3 in this series I discussed six common failure modes:

Failure Mode #1: Where the BRM is positioned as the “Single Point […]

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Four Reasons for a Business Case – And Why Three of Them Are Wrong!

Most Business-IT initiatives require some type of Business Case (cost-justification) to be prepared.  The common purposes for these Business Cases include:

Clarify the initiative
Justify the cost
Prioritize the initiative against other activities competing for limited resources (e.g., funds, people)

As sensible and worthwhile as these sound, the dirty secret is that most business cases fail to achieve their […]

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Projects, Programs and Portfolios – 3 Common Traps

I recently got the following email from a reader of my blog:
I am a student of project management…  Thank you for the article Project vs. Program vs. Portfolio Management.  However, I have a challenge deciphering the relationship between these terms and I think an illustration using an example would help me a lot. I kindly […]

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Do You Have IT Organizational Clarity – Part 3

This picks up on Part 1 and Part 2 in this series on IT Organizational Clarity.

In Part 1, I discussed the importance of IT Organizational Clarity, the symptoms when clarity is compromised, and the challenges of trying to address those symptoms rather than the root causes that lead to compromised clarity.  Part 1 closed with […]

Four Common Mistakes in IT Portfolio Management

Among my most popular topics, week after week, is Portfolio Management.  It’s a key discipline, especially crucial in driving Business-IT Maturity past the tricky mid-point where many IT organizations tend to get stuck.

IT Business Edge has just published a short slideshow on “Four Common Mistakes in IT Portfolio Management”, re-purposing a post of mine from […]

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IT Leadership – Caught between Two Realities?

It’s always been tough being an IT leader.  The “Career Is Over” distortion of the CIO acronym is humorous because of the real world challenges associated with the CIO job.  I think that today is an especially challenging time for IT leaders.  I say that because these jobs are typically caught somewhere between two very […]

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We Picked the Wrong Tool!

How many times have you heard, “We picked the wrong tool!” when referring to a project management or portfolio management or just about any other kind of tool for the IT organization?  I’ve heard that many, many times over my 30 year consulting career.  So, it’s time for a couple of uncomfortable truths – expressed […]

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How "IT-Savvy" Is Your Company? Why Does That Matter?

Regular readers will know that from time to time I refer to research by Peter Weill, Chairman & Senior Research Scientist, Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) at the MIT Sloan School of Management.  I’ve had the privilege of knowing Dr. Weill for many years, and having collaborated with him on several multi-company research initiatives.

Peter […]

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Supposing You Funded IT Like a Charitable Donation?

I’ve had this IT funding fantasy for years (I know, it’s really sad that my more exciting fantasies are to do with IT funding scenarios!) Supposing the CIO had to do a fund drive every year or every six months the way our local National Public Radio stations had to operate in order to fund […]

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An IT PMO Glossary

I’ve been working with a couple of clients around PMO’s and the thorny space of Portfolio and Program Management.  Not coincidentally, this continues to prove to be an area of great leverage for organizations trying to drive up their business-IT maturity (and with that, increase the business value delivered through IT investments, assets and capabilities.)  […]

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