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Is Your IT Transformation Real? Or Just Another Reorganization?

One of the great things about being a consultant is that you get to see recurring patterns.  This helps you recognize organizational dysfuntionality and have some insights into the default future for an organization.  One of the sad things about being a consultant is seeing the same mistakes being made over and over – sometimes [...]

The Futility of Collaboration without Context

The term 'collaboration' gets thrown about as something inherently valuable and worthwhile - an end in itself, rather than a means to an end.  In reality, collaboration in of itself is: a). Unlikely to happen b). Unlikely to create anything of value So Many Collaboration Platforms, So Little Collaboration! Collaboration platforms are everywhere!  Most IT [...]

Do You Really Need an IT Transformation?

I've been part of many organizational transformations over 30 years of management consulting.  Most were with IT organizations, many were with HR organizations and some were transformations to global shared services. I used to be excited by the idea of an organizational transformation.  When a client or prospective client used the word "transformation" I would [...]

Changing the Culture of an IT Organization – One Wiki Page at a Time!

I've been a student of IT organizational culture since I began my management consulting career some 30+ years ago.  It's wrong, of course, to generalize too broadly, but I've worked with literally hundreds of large enterprise IT organizations (i.e., IT organizations of 250+ members) and have seen more commonalities than differences.  Of course, within any [...]

Changing – or Being Changed? An Important Distinction!

Elliot Ross and his always insightful blog about Strategic Technology for the Small to Medium Enterprise just posted on "ITIL, Value and Culture." I like Elliot's blog because of his "small to medium enterprise" perspective - I find it an interesting balance against the large companies I typically work with. I felt the need to [...]

The Accidental Project Manager

Some IT organizations invest a great deal in the processes and disciplines of Project Management.  As well they should - much of an IT Organization's work is performed through projects. Various approaches are deployed to bring consistency and effectiveness to Project Management disciplines - Centers of Excellence (CoE), Project (and Program and Portfolio) Management Offices [...]

The "Six Month Rule" of Organizational Change – It's All Personal!

It is said, "All politics is local."  Picking up on that aphorism, I think it is equally true that all change is personal. So Much Known - So Little Followed! There is a substantial body of research and theory about organizational change management (OCM) dating back to the mid-50's or even earlier.  Most OCM findings [...]