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Four Common Mistakes in IT Portfolio Management

Among my most popular topics, week after week, is Portfolio Management.  It's a key discipline, especially crucial in driving Business-IT Maturity past the tricky mid-point where many IT organizations tend to get stuck. IT Business Edge has just published a short slideshow on "Four Common Mistakes in IT Portfolio Management", re-purposing a post of mine [...]

We Picked the Wrong Tool!

How many times have you heard, "We picked the wrong tool!" when referring to a project management or portfolio management or just about any other kind of tool for the IT organization?  I've heard that many, many times over my 30 year consulting career.  So, it's time for a couple of uncomfortable truths - expressed [...]

Supposing You Funded IT Like a Charitable Donation?

I've had this IT funding fantasy for years (I know, it's really sad that my more exciting fantasies are to do with IT funding scenarios!) Supposing the CIO had to do a fund drive every year or every six months the way our local National Public Radio stations had to operate in order to fund [...]

An IT PMO Glossary

I've been working with a couple of clients around PMO's and the thorny space of Portfolio and Program Management.  Not coincidentally, this continues to prove to be an area of great leverage for organizations trying to drive up their business-IT maturity (and with that, increase the business value delivered through IT investments, assets and capabilities.)  [...]

Portfolio Management: So Much More Than a Collection of Projects!

I've posted recently about Program Management - mainly in response to a reader's question about how to group projects into programs.  Her question, in turn, was in response to one of my most popular posts on the distinctions between Project, Program and Portfolio Management. IT Portfolio Management Matters! I'm delighted that my old post on [...]

Increasing Business Value Through Demand Shaping

A key role for IT leaders, especially during recessionary times, is Demand Shaping.   A perennial reality in the business-IT world is that demand seems to exceed supply. Of Backlogs and Early Cloud Computing When I entered the field of IT back in the 1960's, the term "backlog" was pervasive - that huge list of requests [...]

IT Portfolio Management – Avoiding the Tool Trap

Over many years of preaching and teaching IT portfolio management, I've been frequently frustrated and disappointed by seeing IT organizations screw up portfolio management, and as a result, miss out on the significant and important benefits this discipline holds.  They do so by buying into the concepts, then jumping to a tool choice, implementation, declaring [...]

You Know You've Reached Level 3 When…

  Back in mid-December, I posted "You Know You've Reached Level 3 When..."   As the BSG Alliance multi-company research project that has been examining Reaching Level 3 Business-IT Maturity shifts gears from its research to its reporting phase, I want to revisit that headline.  Here are some 'one-liners' that are being discussed in today's WebEx [...]

Business-IT Maturity and the Portfolio Lens

I was with a client recently as their CIO was leading one of their regular "town hall" meetings (live meeting for those in HQ, videoconference for those elsewhere).  He was talking (eloquently!) about Next Generation Enterprises, Web 2.0 technologies and the implications for their company and for their IT / shared services organization. A question from [...]