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What Does Your Leadership Team Talk About?

I was talking to a senior IT leader at a global company this week, who said, "Our leadership team really needs to schedule some time to talk about strategic issues.  Our weekly IT Leadership Team meetings are consumed by tactical and operational stuff!" This struck me as odd - and unfortunate!  "Tactical and operational stuff" [...]

Why Some Projects Should Be "Led," Not "Managed"

I've posted before (many times!) about Business-IT Maturity, and the common "sticking points" that most IT organizations run into around the mid-point between low and high maturity.  (See, for example, here, here, and here, or enter "Sticking Point" into the search box.) Walking Ever Faster Will Not Get You Running! If, arbitrarily, you pick 3 [...]

The Decline and Fall of the IT Organization?

With apologies to Ed Yourdon for my plagiarism of his original the book title, published back in 1993, "The Decline and Fall of the American Programmer".  (Though I don't recall if Ed gave apologies to Gibbon for first using this line!) For a blog entitled "IT Organization 2017" and for a management consultant who has [...]

When Words Just Don't Cause Change

I was in a heated 'discussion' with a client recently.  We had completed an IT strategy refresh and one of the outstanding items was to review their IT Principles.  The IT leadership team had come up with some candidate new Principles, and I was being asked if I thought they were appropriate. "What Will You [...]

Some Consulting Principles to Live By…

The CEO of a firm I am affiliated with recently asked me what were my 3 top "principles of consulting."   He was updating the firm's web site, and thought this would be a useful addition to my profile. It was an interesting question in that during some 30+ years of management consulting, I had never [...]

The Realpolitik of Business-IT Convergence

For some reason, I get much more commentary about my posts via personal emails than by direct commentary.  There's something I quite like about that - it feels more personal when someone takes the time to send an email about a post.  On the other hand, the emailed comments are often illuminating and deserve a [...]

Do You Have IT Organizational Clarity?

This is the first in a series of posts on the subject of IT Organizational Clarity.  The general concept of  Organizational Clarity is clearly laid out in Patrick Lencioni's wonderful leadership fable, The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive. I believe that Organizational Clarity is particularly important for IT leaders today as IT management and [...]

Portland's Street People and Well-Managed IT Organizations

Yes - I can connect the unlikely subjects in this blog's title.  But bear with me a few sentences to set the context. I recently posted on my time in Portland, Oregon, and my love for the city.  I also mentioned the anomalous 'street people' scene.  Portland is so squeaky clean and seemingly well-run, and [...]

From Business-IT Alignment to Business-IT Convergence

I've posted before on the emergent confluence between business and IT.  I've also discussed the shift from Business-IT Alignment to Business-IT Convergence as an aspect of increasing business and IT maturity.  I've noted (Goodbye, Shadow IT - Hello, Shadow IT) that 'Shadow IT', often viewed as a problem to be solved might be more appropriately [...]