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Leveraging the Cloud to Accelerate IT Renewal

(Note:  This post was originally written for the Cloud Commons). This is the first in a multi-part post on what I’m referring to as “IT Renewal.”  Some people call this “IT Transformation” or “IT Transition”. Others don’t name it – they just do it as a natural part of how they run and continuously improve [...]

The Decline and Fall of the IT Organization?

With apologies to Ed Yourdon for my plagiarism of his original the book title, published back in 1993, "The Decline and Fall of the American Programmer".  (Though I don't recall if Ed gave apologies to Gibbon for first using this line!) For a blog entitled "IT Organization 2017" and for a management consultant who has [...]

Do You Have IT Organizational Clarity – Part 3

This picks up on Part 1 and Part 2 in this series on IT Organizational Clarity. In Part 1, I discussed the importance of IT Organizational Clarity, the symptoms when clarity is compromised, and the challenges of trying to address those symptoms rather than the root causes that lead to compromised clarity.  Part 1 closed [...]

Account Teams and Business-IT Relationship Management

I've posted quite frequently on this blog about the role of the Business-IT Relationship Manager. It's a key role - crucial, in fact, at mid-levels of Business-IT maturity.  It's a role that typically does not work well at lower maturity, yet is essential to reaching higher maturity. It's also a role that is hard to [...]

Design Thinking 2.0: Enabling Innovation with Web 2.0 – Part 2

In my first post in this series, "Design Thinking 2.0: How Web 2.0 Might Foster and Enable an Innovation Revolution" I summarized the concepts of Design Thinking and raised the question of how Web 2.0 might enable increased innovation.  (For an interesting perspective on Design Thinking by Business Week's Bruce Nussbaum, see his excellent essay [...]

Selling Enterprise Architecture Through Analogy

I use analogies a lot - in my teaching, consulting, and just about everywhere else!  By no means a panacea, a well chosen analogy can make things "click" for people who might otherwise not "get it." "Selling" Enterprise Architecture I've blogged frequently about Enterprise Architecture (and its subset, IT Architecture) because I believe it is [...]

Web-Oriented Architecture: From Push to Pull – So Very 2.0!

Dion Hinchcliffe's excellent recent post on Web-Oriented Architecture (actually, this is his latest in a series of posts on this topic) reflects an important shift in thinking around technology architecture and componentization.  This is the shift from push to pull approaches to change - a shift I've covered from from time to time in this [...]

Business Implications of SOA

It's time (perhaps even long overdue!) to tackle the thorny topic of Service Oriented Architecture.  I've been preparing an executive presentation on this subject, drawing on one of our multi-company research projects, so it's fresh in my mind. The research was focused on business implications of SOA, as this was a perspective and context that [...]