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Key IT Roles for Driving Business Value

I’ve posted at length about the Business Relationship Manager (BRM) role as being key to driving business value from IT. But what other roles—typically under-served—work with the BRM in the pursuit of business value from IT?
In this post, I am going to introduce three dimensions of value realization than are important to driving business value. […]

Common Failure Modes in Business Relationship Management – Part 2

This is the second in a series of  posts about common failure modes I come across in the deployment of a Business Relationship Management (BRM) role and/or capability.

In Part 1 in this series I discussed two common failure modes:

Failure Mode #1: Where the BRM is positioned as the “Single Point of Contact” between a provider […]

What's Really Meant By Business-IT Engagement and How Do You Achieve It?

This is another post triggered by a reader’s question emailed to me.  Here’s his question (some details have been omitted to preserve anonymity).
I was searching for information around Business-IT engagement but have yet to really come across anything with substance.  I’m looking to better connect with the business unit managers to formulate an IT strategy. The […]

Questioning the Role of the Business Relationship Manager

I’ve been deeply into understanding and developing the role of Business Relationship Manager (BRM) since the early 1990’s when, as a Partner at Ernst & Young’s Center for Business Innovation, I began researching what was then an emerging role.  Since then, I’ve continued research into this important role, led many consulting engagements helping companies implement […]

COBIT – Good News… Bad News!

COBIT is described by its creators, ISACA, as a “Framework for IT Governance and Control.”  Celebrating it’s 15-year anniversary, COBIT provides an excellent framework for helping bring IT under control.  In ISACA’s own words:
COBIT is an IT governance framework and supporting toolset that allows managers to bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues and […]

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Account Teams and Business-IT Relationship Management

I’ve posted quite frequently on this blog about the role of the Business-IT Relationship Manager. It’s a key role – crucial, in fact, at mid-levels of Business-IT maturity.  It’s a role that typically does not work well at lower maturity, yet is essential to reaching higher maturity. It’s also a role that is hard […]

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Four Common Mistakes in IT Portfolio Management

Among my most popular topics, week after week, is Portfolio Management.  It’s a key discipline, especially crucial in driving Business-IT Maturity past the tricky mid-point where many IT organizations tend to get stuck.

IT Business Edge has just published a short slideshow on “Four Common Mistakes in IT Portfolio Management”, re-purposing a post of mine from […]

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Increasing Business Value Through Demand Shaping

A key role for IT leaders, especially during recessionary times, is Demand Shaping.   A perennial reality in the business-IT world is that demand seems to exceed supply.
Of Backlogs and Early Cloud Computing
When I entered the field of IT back in the 1960’s, the term “backlog” was pervasive – that huge list of requests we could […]

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Getting Control Over Business Demand – How to "Just Say No!"

Did you ever feel that some of the things you are asked to do by your business partners just don’t make sense?  That they won’t deliver value that truly justifies their cost?  I find this to be a common issue.  And it’s not just the questionable value associated with some of these requests.

Low value demand:

Carries […]

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Why IT Might be Slow to the Web 2.0 Collaboration/Innovation Party

Lately I’ve been spending time with several IT teams from global Fortune 500 enterprises who are charged with fostering collaboration, innovation and the other hoped-for outcomes of Web 2.0.  It’s been a fascinating experience – plenty of good news, but some aspects I find frustrating.  More importantly, I believe these are things that are slowing […]

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