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A New Era of Enterprise IT Leadership?

This post proposes that we have been through two distinct eras of IT leadership, and are entering a third—one that is fundamentally different from prior eras. While the first two eras were characterized by centralized leadership, the emerging third era is dispersed and networked, emphasizing a different set of skills for IT leaders. This is not a return to the old ‘decentralized’ IT operating model of times long gone, and explains the emergence of the Business Relationship Manager as a key IT leadership role.

Two Valuable Books for Business Relationship Managers

I frequently get asked to write book reviews on my blog and I almost always decline. But I had a couple of books on my "must read" list that I managed to get to over a recent vacation, and was sufficiently impressed that I decided to provide short reviews, even though the authors had not [...]

Who "Owns" the Business-IT Relationship?

My recent post on Questioning the Role of the Business Relationship Manager (BRM) has sparked some interesting discussions. One revolves around the question of "owning" the business-IT relationship. It's a tricky question for several reasons: "Ownership" is a tricky term in this context - just what does it mean to "own" a relationship? There are [...]

Questioning the Role of the Business Relationship Manager

I've been deeply into understanding and developing the role of Business Relationship Manager (BRM) since the early 1990's when, as a Partner at Ernst & Young's Center for Business Innovation, I began researching what was then an emerging role.  Since then, I've continued research into this important role, led many consulting engagements helping companies implement [...]