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The Challenge of Sustainable Software

Just about everyone has become attuned over the last few years to the concept of sustainability.  Except, it seems, when it comes to software practices.  In most IT environments, by far the largest chunk of costs associated with a given piece of software, surface after it is initially delivered.  That is true of purchased packages, [...]

Selling Enterprise Architecture Through Analogy

I use analogies a lot - in my teaching, consulting, and just about everywhere else!  By no means a panacea, a well chosen analogy can make things "click" for people who might otherwise not "get it." "Selling" Enterprise Architecture I've blogged frequently about Enterprise Architecture (and its subset, IT Architecture) because I believe it is [...]

IT's Top 10 Interests – Why the Perennial Oldies?

I was perusing the September 15 issue of CIO Magazine (ok, I'd been on vacation for nearly 4 weeks, and was catching up on my massive reading pile!) when I noticed the chart recreated to the left.  (Note:  I could not find the chart in the electronic edition - only the paper magazine.  Also note, [...]

Why IT Professionals Will Need to be Enterprise Architects

I actually credit the topic of this post to a quote by a client last week.  We were working with him on the PMO he was setting up, when he made the point in the headline.  I thought it was provocative, and made an important point, so I want to explore it. What Is Meant [...]

The IT Infrastructure Investment Deficit Disorder

How should you treat IT infrastructure investments in a recession?  I was listening to an interesting piece that got me thinking about this question on NPR this morning titled "Obama's 'Big Fix,' And Investment Deficit Disorder." Renee Montagne interviewed New York Times columnist David Leonhardt about his January 27 article, "The Big Fix." Determining IT Infrastructure [...]

Business-IT Alignment As Simple Rules

Back in 2001, Kathleen M. Eisenhardt and Donald N. Sull published a Harvard Business Review paper called "Strategy as Simple Rules."   This was a great paper that spoke to the need for a few straightforward, hard-and-fast rules that define direction without confining it.  It resonated strongly with my colleagues and I as the term "simple [...]

You've Got Information Technology Questions? We Have Answers…

As an IT professional or IT leader, do you find yourself with questions or issues you'd like to get opinions about?  Of course you do.  As a consultant, researcher, educator and author, I get questions all the time.  For me they are my oxygen.  If the questions ever stopped, well, I frankly don't know what [...]

Platform Thinking

Idris Mootee's excellent blog, Innovation Playground posted on "What's the Difference Between Platform Strategy vs. Business Strategy vs. Product Strategy?"  This is a great post, and a opens up a huge area for analysis, speculation and discussion around platform thinking.  Platform thinking emerged as an important dimension in our recent Reaching Level 3 Multi-company research.  [...]

The IT Organization c2017 – Part 3

Continuing on this track, and again looking through the lens of the emerging Next Generation Enterprise (or Enterprise 2.0 if you prefer) one common theme that keeps surfacing is that of "on demand."  This idea gets interpreted in many different ways, and even purloined as a marketing label, the notion of being able to access [...]