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Strong Business-IT Relationships Begin with Strong Communications

(This post first appeared on the Business Relationship Management Institute blog.  Please visit the BRMI website for more information about this new resource.) We learn a great deal about managing business-IT relationships  from our work and the people we work with. If our eyes and ears are open, we can also learn a lot from [...]

Why Some Projects Should Be "Led," Not "Managed"

I've posted before (many times!) about Business-IT Maturity, and the common "sticking points" that most IT organizations run into around the mid-point between low and high maturity.  (See, for example, here, here, and here, or enter "Sticking Point" into the search box.) Walking Ever Faster Will Not Get You Running! If, arbitrarily, you pick 3 [...]

IT Management Lessons from Scuba Diving

I note in my About page that "from time to time I will digress to my hobby passions because I sometimes find interesting connections or insights from them."  Well, perhaps its an excuse to indulge a hobby through this blog, but one of those "time's" has come as I'm on a scuba vacation with plenty [...]

Leadership Lessons from the Performing Arts – 1

When I started blogging (just 2 months ago!) my wonderful "blog coach" Susan Scrupski told me, "Be true to your own voice."  Easier said than done!   On my "About" page I said "I'm also an amateur (very) musician and keen scuba diver.  From time to time I will digress to my hobby passions because I [...]