Driving Business Value with an Interactive Body of Knowledge

I am pleased to be sponsoring a FREE Webinar on Friday, February 21, from 11a-noon (EST) where we will explore the features, functions and capabilities of an Interactive Body of Knowledge housed on a semantic wiki.
Collaboration and Interaction as a ‘Knowledge Amplifier’
The Merlyn Group and the team at Business Relationship Management Institute have been hard […]

Business Value from IT = Business Transition Management + Business Relationship Management

One of the wonderful things about my role with BRMI is that I get to talk to a lot of people who are part of a Business Relationship Management (BRM) Capability. They usually express gratitude that I am prepared to spend time with them. The reality is that it is me that feels the sense […]

Is Your IT Transformation Real? Or Just Another Reorganization?

One of the great things about being a consultant is that you get to see recurring patterns.  This helps you recognize organizational dysfuntionality and have some insights into the default future for an organization.  One of the sad things about being a consultant is seeing the same mistakes being made over and over – sometimes […]

Announcing the Inaugural Instructor-Led On-line Business Relationship Management Professional Course

I am very excited to announce that I will be teaching the upcoming inaugural Business Relationship Management Professional™ (BRMP™) training and certification program on 3 days over a 3-week period, starting September 9, 2013 and continuing on September 16 and September 23.

This course is intended for the entry-level to intermediate Business Relationship Manager, with the […]

IT Organization Circa 2017 – 5 Year Countdown (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this post I pointed out why I’d named this blog “IT Organization Circa 2017” and why I’d picked 2017. I then offered some musings about the nature and shape of the IT Organization Circa 2017.

I set this up by examining the major disruptive forces acting on the IT organization today:

Disappointment with […]

IT Organization Circa 2017 – 5 Year Countdown (Part 1)

When I launched this blog on September 21, 2007, my opening post declared:
I’ve named this blog “IT Organization Circa 2017″ in an attempt to position the domain of interest – what will the IT Organization inside businesses, governments and other organized entities look like in 10 years (2017) and how did they get there?”
I went on […]

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Digital Business and the Fate of the IT Organization

InformationWeek just published an excellent article titled “Goodbye IT, Hello Digital Business.” The article presents a compelling case for “Digital Business” as a lens into what the more information and IT-savvy companies are doing. It presents some good case studies from Digital Business leaders in the retail industry. It also presents some interesting statistics on […]

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Announcing the Business Relationship Management Institute!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined forces with a couple of colleagues to begin a new venture – The Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI). BRMI is a not-for-profit association for Business Relationship Management Professionals, providing professional training and certification, and facilitating exchange of knowledge and leading practices. My role as Principal with The Merlyn Group, […]

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Why Business Relationship Manager Success Hangs On So Many Variables! (Part 1 of 2)

My regular readers (yes, both of them – my brother and my cat) will have noticed that I’ve been posting more about the Business Relationship Manager role lately.  It seems that there’s a surge (resurgence?) of interest in this crucial and challenging role.  I’ve been wondering why this is, and thinking about the reasons why […]

Driving Business-IT Convergence – The Evolving Role of the Business Relationship Manager (Part 1 of 2)

I’m seeing a surge of interest in the emerging role of the Business Relationship Manager (BRM) as a key position that sits between a shared services organization (most frequently IT) and its business partner.  This is an internal role that should not be confused with the similarly titled externally-facing role common in banks and financial […]

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