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Why ITIL® Can Be Dangerous to Business Relationship Management Health

While establishing robust Service Management discipline is essential 'table stakes' for an IT organization with low supply maturity (i.e., one that is not good at keeping the proverbial 'lights on and trains running on time') it does not address the most important and powerful capabilities for driving business value realization from information and IT. And while ITIL® can be an effective framework for establishing good Service Management discipline, the ITIL framework describes BRM from a mostly tactical and operational perspective—a woefully restricted flavor of BRM compared to that described by Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI) and embodied in the APMG-International accredited Business Relationship Management Professional® and Certificate of Business Relationship Management® training and certification. BRMI's Business Relationship Maturity Model defines five levels of relationship maturity. ITIL focuses on reaching Level 3—Service Provider. This is certainly significantly better than an Ad Hoc or Order Taker relationship, but should not be the ultimate relationship ambition, and should not be the primary focus for the BRM.

Digital Business and the Fate of the IT Organization

InformationWeek just published an excellent article titled "Goodbye IT, Hello Digital Business." The article presents a compelling case for "Digital Business" as a lens into what the more information and IT-savvy companies are doing. It presents some good case studies from Digital Business leaders in the retail industry. It also presents some interesting statistics on [...]

How Good are your IT Capabilities and How Good do they Need to Be?

This will be the first in a series of posts about assessing the "goodness" of IT capabilities, both in terms of your current state (how good your IT capabilities are) and 'desired' state (how good they need to be).  We will get into the dimensions of 'goodness' as well as assessment methods. I've been designing [...]

Questioning the Role of the Business Relationship Manager

I've been deeply into understanding and developing the role of Business Relationship Manager (BRM) since the early 1990's when, as a Partner at Ernst & Young's Center for Business Innovation, I began researching what was then an emerging role.  Since then, I've continued research into this important role, led many consulting engagements helping companies implement [...]

COBIT – Good News… Bad News!

COBIT is described by its creators, ISACA, as a "Framework for IT Governance and Control."  Celebrating it's 15-year anniversary, COBIT provides an excellent framework for helping bring IT under control.  In ISACA's own words: COBIT is an IT governance framework and supporting toolset that allows managers to bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues [...]

Do You Have IT Organizational Clarity – Part 4

This picks up on Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 in this series on IT Organizational Clarity. In Part 1, I discussed the importance of IT Organizational Clarity, the symptoms when clarity is compromised, and the challenges of trying to address those symptoms rather than the root causes that lead to compromised clarity.  Part [...]

Do You Have IT Organizational Clarity – Part 2

My previous post introduced the topic of IT Organizational Clarity, discussed common symptoms arising from a lack of Organizational Clarity, and suggested two dimensions through which clarity can be assessed and improved: Bounding scope by defining "IT Capabilities" at an appropriate level of granularity. (Units of analysis). Defining meaningful and assessable characteristics for IT Capabilities. [...]

Do You REALLY Have Effective IT Processes?

From time to time, we conduct IT capability assessments for our clients.  These typically examine two different kinds of capabilities - those IT capabilities that are largely owned and executed by the IT organization, for example: Manage the IT Infrastructure Deliver Business Solutions Manage the IT Organization They also (and sometimes, of great significance) assess [...]

How Marketing-Savvy is Your IT Organization?

I find marketing to be a tricky subject for the IT profession - there are some fine lines that can be easily crossed, and it's not a discipline that IT organizations have typically been founded upon.  Project management, business process reengineering, infrastructure - these are more likely than marketing prowess to be among the core [...]

IT in a Recession – What's Different this Time?

Like most of us, I've been thinking about the current economic climate and its implications for IT leaders.  I posted back in early September in The Economy, Information Technology and Opportunity Creation that it is now more important than ever to find creative and constructive ways to drive growth and innovation by whatever means.  I've [...]