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Maturity of business demand (appetite) for IT capability

IT Pros – What Will Become of Them?

Ben Worthen had a great post last week in the WSJ Business Technology blog entitled "Tech Pros: The Next Dinosaurs?"  Ben cites Nucleus Research's Rebecca Wettemann: It's the logical consequence of two interrelated trends: the average worker becoming more tech savvy, and tech companies realizing that appealing directly to workers is as - if not [...]

Financial Forensics as a Clue to Dysfunctional IT

"To understand a crime, follow the money" is a familiar principle of detective work.  Over the years, I've found that principle to be extremely useful in the world of IT management.  In fact, my spin on it is, "If you want to understand dysfunctional IT behavior, follow the money!" Of course, this principle helps detectives [...]

The Widening Gap In Business-IT Maturity Levels

We have been compiling the results of one facet of our multi-company research into business-IT maturity - the maturity assessment that companies took as part of participation in the research project. The purpose of the survey was to provide an assessment of business-IT capability in a corporation or business unit. We asked that the survey be [...]

The Other "Seat at the Table"

One of the great clichés of the business-IT relationship is "having a seat at the table."  This is a cute, shorthand way of describing a business-IT relationship where IT is properly represented in the strategic leadership of the business (be that a business unit or the enterprise).  When we see this condition working well, we [...]

Business-IT Relationship Management Webinar

A few day's ago I mentioned that I was doing a webinar (why do I hate that term?) on the Role of the IT Relationship Manager. I am pleased to say that a recording of that webinar (I still hate the term!) is now available at It requires QuickTime - I hope you find [...]

Recession and Business-IT Maturity

Just as a lot of CIO's were gearing up for a year or two of growth and innovation, many are now being told to "hunker down" for a period of austerity.  The usual first victims - cut travel, cut training, cut anything that smells like overhead!  That Enterprise Architecture initiative that was starting to pay off? [...]

So, What Comes After Level 3 Business-IT Maturity?

I had a question from a colleague recently that I'd like to address in this post.  She asked, "I’m going to ask a possibly 'dumb' question, but since I believe that there are no dumb questions I’m asking it anyway…  Since level 3 is constantly evolving i.e., today’s Level 3 will be tomorrow’s Level 2 [...]

Reaching Level 3: The Mindset Factor

I've posted before on the role of ambition as a key factor in driving business-IT maturity.  I want to move beyond that and pick up the theme of mindset.  This is a topic I covered in today's teleconference as part of our multi-client research project into business-IT maturity. According to Wikipedia, Mindset refers to the [...]

You Know You've Reached Level 3 When…

  Back in mid-December, I posted "You Know You've Reached Level 3 When..."   As the BSG Alliance multi-company research project that has been examining Reaching Level 3 Business-IT Maturity shifts gears from its research to its reporting phase, I want to revisit that headline.  Here are some 'one-liners' that are being discussed in today's WebEx [...]