Samsung S7 Edge and Gear VR – Quick Review

A quick, non-technical review of the Samsung S7 Edge and Gear VR.

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When You’re Too Busy to Think, It’s Time to Stop and Think!

I used to joke (half-joke, actually—there was an element of truth in it!) that my consulting clients pay me to climb on a plane, read the latest IT management book, then tell them what I’ve learned. And they were thrilled because they never had time to read the book! This is a sad admission and […]

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What's Wrong with the Samsung Galaxy SIII Phone?

No, this is not yet another smartphone review, let alone a review of a now-obsolete phone!

And the short answer is that there’s nothing wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S3—except the fact that it runs on Android!

I acquired my phone in July, 2013 and wrote a post about it on July 12, with an update following […]

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Does Technology Help Or Hurt In Achieving Mastery?

Occasionally I drift slightly from the main topic of this blog to draw ideas from my other passions—in today’s case, from my passion for the performing arts in general, and musical performance in particular.

One of my musician friends sent me a web link to a gizmo that replaces the tuning mechanism on a guitar with […]

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IT Organization Circa 2017 – 2013 in Review

I started this blog over 6 years ago, with a focus on the changing shape of the IT organization. I regret that 2013 was my least active blogging year, but I don’t regret that my co-founding this year of Business Relationship Management Institute, and specifically, my work with APMG-International on the development of the Business […]

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Are You Contributing to Death by PowerPoint?

The phrase “Death by PowerPoint” is usually taken to mean a long, boring, un-engaging presentation using too many, too dense PowerPoint slides  That is not the aspect of “Death by PowerPoint” I want to get into in this post.

Edward Tufte wrote famously about a different aspect of “Death by PowerPoint” in his treatise on the […]

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Announcing the Inaugural Certified Business Relationship Manager® Training

I am very pleased to announce that Business Relationship Management Institute will be holding our first Certified Business Relationship Manager® (CBRM®) course in Atlanta, GA, USA on July 22-24, 2013. CBRM® certification exams will be available online from August 26, 2013.  I will be teaching this inaugural CBRM® course.

CBRM® training and certification program is intended […]

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Strong Business-IT Relationships Begin with Strong Communications

(This post first appeared on the Business Relationship Management Institute blog.  Please visit the BRMI website for more information about this new resource.)

We learn a great deal about managing business-IT relationships  from our work and the people we work with. If our eyes and ears are open, we can also learn a lot from our […]

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Van Halen, M&M's and Operational Excellence – What a Rock 'n' Roll Band Knows About Business Performance!

Regular readers will know that my career as a management consultant is really just a hobby.  My true passion in life is rock ‘n’ roll!  (OK, maybe that’s somewhat reversed, but bear with me!)

One of the things I love about the rock music scene is the legends – some apocryphal, some based on fact – […]

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Bloggers – How Can You Drive Up the Value of Comments and Questions?

I could not resist the cartoon above when I saw it in last week’s New Yorker magazine!  Comments are tricky beasts!  I get literally hundreds for every post – unfortunately, most of them are pure spam!  Thanks to WordPress and it’s highly effective akismet spam filtering capability, these are virtually all caught for me with […]

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