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The Creeping Insanity of Security Questions

Excuse me if I deviate for a moment and go off on a rant, but I've had it up to my proverbial eyeballs with the creeping insanity that's gripped people responsible for protecting us from would be evil-doers on websites. Due to changes in my home technology set up as well as changes to my company [...]

Business Implications of SOA: Part 2

In the last post, we talked about the first two business implications of SOA. The first is the rapidly evolving market ecosystem for "services in the cloud" and the increasing availability of plug-'n'-play "widgets" all made possible by the underlying standards and methods of SAO.  This innovation is equivalent to that brought about by the early [...]

Idris Mootee on Creativity, Social Networking and Experience Design

A light post today, as I want to point to some excellent thinking on topics related to IT maturity and evolution.  Occasionally, I've referred to the connection between increasing business-IT maturity and Next Generation Enterprises (Enterprise 2.0).  A key characteristic of Next Generation Enterprises is their leveraging of Web 2.0 technologies, including Social Networking. As [...]