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A New Way To Learn—In Style!

The Bottom Line in Training? Companies usually give a great deal of thought to what training they invest in, and who they choose as trainers. But they give far less thought to training location--often picking a nearby hotel for convenience and reasonable rates. This can be very short-sighted, and limit the value of the training! [...]

A World Gone Social, by Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt: Book Review

I'd selected several books to take with me on a recent family vacation at the Florida Gulf coast. I was frankly skeptical about A World Gone Social, by Ted Coiné and Mark Babbitt, published by Amacom.  The social media domain is vast and I was doubtful that any book could really do justice to the [...]

Driving Business Value with an Interactive Body of Knowledge

I am pleased to be sponsoring a FREE Webinar on Friday, February 21, from 11a-noon (EST) where we will explore the features, functions and capabilities of an Interactive Body of Knowledge housed on a semantic wiki. Collaboration and Interaction as a 'Knowledge Amplifier' The Merlyn Group and the team at Business Relationship Management Institute have [...]

Digital Business and the Fate of the IT Organization

InformationWeek just published an excellent article titled "Goodbye IT, Hello Digital Business." The article presents a compelling case for "Digital Business" as a lens into what the more information and IT-savvy companies are doing. It presents some good case studies from Digital Business leaders in the retail industry. It also presents some interesting statistics on [...]

What's Really Meant By Business-IT Engagement and How Do You Achieve It?

This is another post triggered by a reader's question emailed to me.  Here's his question (some details have been omitted to preserve anonymity). I was searching for information around Business-IT engagement but have yet to really come across anything with substance.  I'm looking to better connect with the business unit managers to formulate an IT strategy. [...]

The Samsung Galaxy SIII Experience – From an Android Novice

My regular readers know that I rarely post technology reviews.  But given all the hype surrounding the new (to the US) Samsung Galaxy SIII, and that I'm just getting my first experience as a proud owner of this smart phone, I thought I'd share some initial thoughts. From Blackberry 8800 to Android 4 I've wanted [...]

An IT Management Lesson from Open Heart Surgery

I realized a few months into blogging that nobody seemed to notice or care how frequently or regularly I posted.  The good news was, people seemed to notice when I wrote a post, but did not notice when I did not - very comforting!  For those keeping score, my last post was March 31st.  On [...]

Leveraging the Cloud to Accelerate IT Renewal – Part 3

This is the third and final part in a three-part post on how Cloud Computing can provide a fast path to “IT Renewal.” What is IT Renewal? In the first post in this series, I discussed how information and technology are becoming ever more central to what an organization does and how it does it [...]

Service Measurement Index – An Unexpected Silver Lining?

Like it or not (for what it's worth, I like it a lot!) Cloud Computing is here to stay, and as I've stated before in this blog, it is going to change a great deal of the IT landscape, including the future profile and role of corporate IT groups.  But there are some indirect consequences [...]