Business relationship management – advisory services

In the ongoing pursuit of increasing business value realized from IT investments, provider organizations are transforming the ways they engage their business partners. Often this transformation involves several elements:
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    Moving to a Service Delivery Operating Model, structured and managed for consistent, highly reliable services
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    Leveraging global sourcing to reduce service delivery costs while enabling ‘capacity on demand’
    Adopting agile methods of responding to business demand
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    Formalizing the capabilities of Business Relationship Management (BRM) that ensures provider-business partners engagement that optimizes value realization from the provider’s investments, assets and capabilities

What is Business Relationship Management?

Business Relationship Management is a role, a discipline and an organizational capability. The BRM role and corresponding processes have been formalized as a best practice and international IT Service Management standard through the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) and the ISO/IEC 20000 standard for IT Service Management. This is good for professional BRMs, for the IT profession in general, and for improving the business return on IT investments. However, the ITIL® Service Management focus defines the BRM role as largely tactical—not something to get business leaders salivating over their new partnership with IT, nor hungry to innovate business products and services! While IT Service Management will help an organization with poor service quality get better, it won’t help one with good service quality create the needed quantum shift in business value realization!

The Strategic Business Relationship Manager

The Merlyn Group believes that the BRM role and capability should be strategic—partnering with senior business executives to focus on shaping demand for services, initiatives and investments that yield the highest potential business value. This strategic positioning has implications for BRM responsibilities, competencies, processes, tools and organizational alignment.

Our Business Relationship Management Advisory Services

We offer management counsel, coaching and assessment services focused on the successful design, deployment and continuous improvement of the BRM role and discipline. Whether you are considering creating a BRM capability, or wishing to improve the performance of a current capability, we have the experience, credentials and proven results to be your advisory partner.

Please contact us to discuss your context and needs and how we might best be of service to you.
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