About Vaughan Merlyn

Before retiring in October 2019, Vaughan Merlyn brought over 40 years experience as a management consultant, author, educator and researcher in Information Technology strategy and management. He started his career as an electrical engineer, designing digital and analog computers, moved into software engineering and then into management consulting.

Vaughan was a Partner at Ernst & Young’s Center for Business Innovation and later headed The Concours Group’s IT practice. In 2013, he co-founded the Business Relationship Management Institute and led the development of the BRMP® and CBRM® training and certifications.  His achievements have included:
  • Leading breakthrough research into IT Transformation and Value Realization.
  • Helping large, global companies move beyond alignment between IT and business customers towards convergence.
  • Designing and delivering Business Relationship Management training and development programs.
  • Improving the performance of IT organizations through the adoption of leading practices and advanced technologies.
  • Working with senior IT and business executives and their change implementation teams to address the people implications of IT-enabled change to accelerate and strengthen value delivered.
  • Educating executives on the strategic and innovative use of IT.

Vaughan is a highly regarded trainer and public speaker, lecturing around the world to business and IT audiences. His publications include:

  • Business Relationship Management for the Digital Enterprise, published October 2019
  • Development Effectiveness: Strategies for IS Organizational Transition (co-authored with John Parkinson) published by John Wiley & Sons
  • The Annual CASE Report, published by CASE Research
  • BRM Playbook: Leveraging a BRM Capability to Drive Business Value, Build Strategic Partnerships, and Evolve Enterprise Culture
  • Numerous articles on organizational change and IT management.

Vaughan is the founding author of the Business Relationship Management Interactive Body of Knowledge. Vaughan received his BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Salford, England.

Vaughan is co-founder of Business Relationship Management Institute and served as Chief BRMP Examiner for APMG-International. He is an active and popular blogger—click here.