Inaugural CBRM Course

My last 15 months has been incredibly busy, almost totally focussed on leading the team that developed the Business Relationship Management Institute’s Certificate of Business Relationship Management® (CBRM®) training and certification program. The key milestone in this journey was the inaugural class held last month. I’ve been meaning to write a post on my perspectives on this incredible journey, but have been taking some personal time to ‘decompress’ and reacquaint myself with my family and friends, who have taken somewhat of a back seat over the last year!

Meanwhile, one of the CBRM® graduates, none other than the illustrious Chair of the BRMI Executive Council has just published his own post on his experience in becoming one of the first dozen professionals to earn the CBRM® certification. So, I’m going to take the unusual step (for me) by pointing you to his post. I will add my own perspectives on the CBRM® journey in a subsequent post.

Here’s the link.