With apologies to anyone interested in participating in the inaugural Certified Business Relationship Management® (CBRM®) class, it is full, and I am closing registration. This course was announced on December 8th, 2015, and will be held in Roswell, GA, from May 23-26, 2016.

We decided early on to limit class size to 15 participants in order to get the highest possible level of discussion and interaction. We’d followed a similar approach with the introduction of the foundation-level Business Relationship Management Professional® (BRMP®) back in 2013, and it worked very well.

The End of an Era

Leading the team that has been developing this practitioner-level course and associated exams has been my total focus for the best part of the last year (and continues for the next 3 months!) The inaugural class marks the end of this era–in some respects, the culmination of the last 22 years of my career. Back in 1993, I began exploring the Business Relationship Management (BRM) role through a multi-company research program at the Ernst & Young Center for Business Innovation. Out of that research, I was invited by a global oil company to work with a team of leading academics to develop a Business Relationship Management training program. To quote Sir. Isaac Newton, “Standing on the shoulders of giants” I was in a very privileged, in some ways rarefied environment at the E&Y Center for Business Innovation. I got to work alongside top thought leaders, both within the institution, and with leading academics and corporate executives.

In 1995, I joined a team comprising Professor Michael Earl, who was then Professor of Information Management at London Business School, Professor Neo Boon-Siong, Nanyang Technical University, Singapore, and Professor Chris Edwards, Cranfield University, England. We developed a BRM training course (as far as I know, the world’s first such course) and it was first delivered in London in early 1996.

Since then, I’ve learned so much from notable practitioners, business executives, academics and consultants in the development of several iterations of BRM training. I’ve learned from my consulting clients as they develop their BRM capabilities. In 2013, with the founding of Business Relationship Management Institute, I had the privilege of leading the development of the foundation certification course, the Business Relationship Management Professional®(BRMP®), with training accreditation and candidate certification managed by APMG-International, the premier accreditation and certification examination institute.

It is a great source of pride for me that the BRMP course is now offered by 14 respected training organizations around the globe, and that BRMP certifications are proudly worn by over 1,000 Business Relationship Managers and these certifications are now sought by many companies in their BRM recruitment.

The Start of a New Era

As CBRM® development nears completion in early May, I am looking forward to a somewhat more relaxed balance to 2016. I am looking forward to the four global BRMConnect conferences and to training a host of Accredited Training Organizations who will be teaching the CBRM course. Finally, I  will try to squeeze in one or two more live CBRM® courses later in the year. I also plan to take some much needed vacation and family time!

If you are interested in a live CBRM course later this year, please let me know. I will add you to our mailing list.