first-clipart-a_smiling_number_1_with_a_briefcase_0521-1004-3015-1200_SMUI am very proud that Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI, which I co-founded early in 2013) is holding the highly anticipated, first ever conference for Business Relationship Managers from around the globe.

BRMConnect is being held in Portland, Oregon, starting with a reception on May 26 then continuing through May 27-28.  The event will be preceded by an optional 3-day Business Relationship Management Professional training class, and be followed by an optional one-day training class that I am leading on Business Innovation: Processes, Techniques and Tools for Business Relationship Managers.

Portland, Oregon–A “Happening Place”!

Long-term followers of my blog might recall my posts back in September, 2010 about my time in Portland–it truly is among my favorite cities in the world! Check out these three posts–two about my summer living there while I was consulting for a local company, and one with the unlikely theme connecting Portland’s street people and well-managed IT organizations! If you’ve not visited Portland, BRMConnect is a great excuse to do so. Portland is one of the most well-organized and livable cities in the US, while also being funky–or as Portland likes to say (in common with Austin, Texas), “weird.” Portland is also a great location for visiting Columbia River Gorge, wine country, Mount Hood, and the gorgeous Oregon coast. And May is a wonderful time of year to enjoy Portland and its environs.

Not Your Grandfather’s Conference Format

We have designed and structured BRMConnect to be highly interactive and entertaining, while being packed with sessions that will enrich your ability to be a more effective BRM. The event is being held at the remarkable Oregon Zoo, a wonderful facility for a memorable conference. We are incorporating elements of Open Space Technology for a productive and enjoyable event that will engage, inform and inspire you. We will also feature illuminating case studies from BRM experts, and an experiential session on how BRMs can apply lessons from the world of improvisation to their roles.

Register by February 15, 2015 for early bird discounts for the conference and for the pre- and post-conference training sessions. There will never be another first ever BRM conference–be a part of history and join BRMs from around the world, as you develop your skills, expand your network, and relax with the animals–and I mean, the zoo residents, not the other participants! (Though who knows?)






Graphic courtesy of Clipartpanda