iStock_000008462699SmallWhat is a Business Relationship Manager?

The BRM is a crucial role that bridges a business partner with an internal provider. The role evolved from both the Customer Relationship Management discipline that focuses on all aspects of an organization’s customer interactions, and the Service Management discipline, designed to optimize complex service-intensive supply chains. The BRM role has been embraced by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) and the ISO/IEC 20000 standard for IT Service Management as a new best practice and an international Service Management standard requirement. The most common BRM represents an IT organization, but BRMs can also serve internal HR, Finance, Legal and other shared services functions.

Rooted in, but Not Constrained to Customer Relationship Management and Service Management

While its relationships with Customer Relationship and IT Service Management are important aspects of the BRM role, especially as it is commonly described today, the nature of the BRM role and its capacity to identify and help realize strategic opportunities goes well beyond these realms.

So, How Is the BRM Role Evolving?

Through Business Relationship Management Institute, I will be presenting a Free 60-minute webinar that will explore how the BRM Role is evolving and how it is becoming a vital strategic enabler. I will be covering the following topics:

  • The Emergence of the BRM Role
    • Explores the forces that led to today’s rapidly growing BRM professional community and the common variations in role scope and positioning.
  • Current State of the BRM Practice
    • Examines the typical responsibilities for the BRM role and how these are changing with business demand and provider supply maturity.
  • BRM Futures
    • Presents the latest thinking and research about how the BRM role is evolving and what this means to today’s BRM professional.

Webinar Logistics

The one-hour free webinar will be held on Thursday, August 1, 2013 at 10am EDT, and repeated on Monday August 5, 2013 at 7pm EDT.  It will be delivered via Citrix GoToWebinar.  All that is required is a computer with a browser and a high speed Internet connection, with either a telephone, or a microphone and speakers or a headset.

To register for the Thursday, August 1 session at 10am EDT, please click here.  (Webinar ID: 117-570-139).

To register for the Monday, August 5 session at 7apm EDT, please click here.  (Webinar ID: 117-661-379)

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