4352-31015-2Well, I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into this blog since my first post in September 2007.  And you, dear readers, have handsomely rewarded me by reading my posts and by sometimes commenting.  But regrettably, I’ve woefully neglected the basic features and functions, look and feel.  Shame on me!

An Opportunity to Rate!

So, as of today you’ll find a “Rate This” widget at the top of each post.  Click on the appropriate star to rate any post Very Poor, Poor, Average, Good or Excellent.  This will help your co-readers determine what might be worth reading.  But more importantly, it will provide invaluable feedback to me – helping me fine tune my content, style and “voice” to provide a continuously improving reader experience.  I’ve experimented over the years with video posts, audio posts, short posts, long posts, multi-part posts and guest posts.  I’ve had fun doing so, but no real way of knowing what you – my readers – feel about the experiments!  Again, shame on me!

An Opportunity to Share!

Also, as of today at the end of a post (below the inevitable advertising box!) you’ll find a set of “Share this” buttons for Twitter, StumbleUpon, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Digg, Pinterest and Google+.  Please help me get the word out by sharing with your friends and colleagues whenever you feel a post was worthwhile.

An Opportunity to Like!

Below the “Share this” buttons is a “Like this” button.  If you liked the post, please let me and other readers know!

An Improved Mobile Experience!

Finally, if you access the blog from a mobile device, you will now see a short excerpt of the post – with an option to “Continue reading.”


I hope you find these new features helpful – please let me know, and don’t hesitate to tell me what other changes you’d like to see.

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