It’s becoming increasingly important for IT organizations to be adept at rapidly and easily incorporating new technologies and methods in to the way the IT organization operates.  Given that many of the emerging technologies that are marketed based upon their claimed ‘speed to value’ are available directly to the business without the apparent need of the IT organization’s involvement (the vendors claim!), it is even more important that IT leaders understand the issues involved in becoming more agile.

The factors that enable this quality are the subject of a research project I’m currently involved in through my affiliation with Formicio.  The aim of the research is to identify the factors that make IT organizations agile and recommend how agility can be developed as a core capability.

Research Opportunity – And it’s Free!

I’d really appreciate you and your colleagues participation in this research by completing a survey here – it should take about 30 minutes to complete and I believe you will find the questions stimulating.

In return for your help we will prepare your Agility Signature based upon the results and provide comparisons with those of other companies. Should several of your colleagues also complete the survey – which is encouraged – we will give feedback on the extent to which your thinking is aligned.  There is no cost for participating in the first phase, nor commitment to participate in later stages of the research; we simply need the data to identify patterns and correlate practices with perceived levels of agility.

All information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed to any third party. When the results are presented, it will not be possible to identify any organization or participant in the research.

Details can also be found at

I hope that you and your colleagues will be able to get involved in this exciting research.

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