Thanks to friend and co-blogger Russ Aebig for pointing me to this great post by Joshua-Michéle Ross on his excellent Opposable Planets blog.

In his post, Ross points out that devices such as iPhones are,

location-aware (GPS), motion-aware (accelerometer), directionally aware (compass) visually aware (camera that can gather visual input of the immediate environment), sonically aware (microphone and speakers), always-connected (wireless or 3Gs) handheld computer. In short… an environmental sensor.”

It’s easy to dismiss these rapidly evolving tools and technologies, and their emerging ecosystems – rather than think about how they can enable a better world, improved lives, and new ways of doing business.

How will mobility affect your business?  Your life?  What “jobs do you need to get done” that aren’t easily done today, that could be done with mobile technology?

Image courtesy of Ubergizmo

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