icon_simplify_titleI just came across a new blog called Simple Processes, and I’m sufficiently impressed to add it to my Google Reader, to my blog roll, and to use this post to point my readers to it.  In his current post, Glenn Remoreras discusses the achievement of the highest level of process culture maturity.  This is a very well-written, tastefully presented and insightful blog.

Process Culture is REALLY Important!

There are some fundamental disciplines that are at the heart and soul of the IT profession – project management, program management, portfolio management, service management, product management, and Enterprise Architecture.  All these disciplines depend upon the “meta-discipline” of process management.  It is easy in an age of Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and Cloud Computing to take these fundamental disciplines for granted.  This is a massive mistake!  From my experiences, few IT organizations have mastered these disciplines, and in those companies where process culture is mature, I often find that the IT organization is the exception!

Do yourselves a favor – check out the Simple Processes blog!

Graphic courtesy of BizManualz

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