road_block1A really short post today (could have been a Tweet if I were so inclined!)  I got a great comment from a CIO client to my post yesterday on the ROI of Enterprise 2.0.  He said,

One of Dion Hincliffe’s lines definitely hits home for me… “In the end, all one can actually do predictably is enable the possibilities and not prevent them.”   We have said to each other that a lot of this is about making sure we’re seen as the Enabling Department, rather than the Prevention Department.

When Web 2.0 has significantly impacted your company (you either stole a march on your competitors, or they did on you!) will your business partners look back and say,

“IT really inspired us, showed us the way, and enabled us to take advantage of Web 2.0.”

Or, will they be saying (or, at least, thinking),

“Just like the Internet revolution and the Personal Computer revolution, IT was asleep at the switch yet again!  They didn’t see it coming ’till it was too late, and then they put roadblock after roadblock in our way!”

How are you creating a legacy of enablement and innovation?  What more could you be doing?