bestbuyI’ve posted quite a few times on Web 2.0 capabilities as a way to drive new energy, and even innovation, into an IT organization and the company it serves.

The Wikinomics blog (full disclosure – this is affiliated with nGenera Corporation, the company I am with) just posted a very nice piece on how Best Buy is using Web 2.0. The piece features a great little YouTube video – well worth the 4.33 minutes it takes to watch.  (Look for some quick clips of Don Tapscott, Chairman of the nGenera Innovation Network.)

Your IT Organization as a “Geek Squad”?

As you check this out, think about Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” – how could this use of Web 2.0 play out for your company, and how might you position your IT organization as your company’s “Geek Squad”?

Of course, a few years back, no self-respecting CIO would want to think of his or her organization as their “geek squad” but I think Best Buy has successfully legitimized the term.  Their Geek Squad (a Best Buy subsidiary and a registered trademark/protected brand) has been a valuable differentiator for Best Buy – by and large enhancing the shopping experience, adding value to the store’s capabilities, and helping consumers install and use many of the products that Best Buy sells.

Are your IT staff seen this way?  Are they a differentiator and a value add?  Do they enhance the value of IT’s products and services?

Your Web 2.0 Experience

How does the social networking experience in your company match up against the Best Buy experience?  How could you get closer to the benefits Best Buy is touting in this video clip?