New York Plane in RiverI know that we’ve all been entranced by the wonderful news of the US Airways plane that “landed” in the Hudson River this week.  It was a remarkable and uplifting piece of good news at a time when we’re mostly inundated by bad or terrible news.

As a very frequent flier, I was particularly moved by the ever-eloquent Scott Simon’s piece on National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition Saturday.   He closed this short piece about the heroic acts of the Captain, Co-Pilot and three flight attendants  piece by saying,

So the next time you might get exasperated over some air travel problem, and be inclined to say something sharp to a flight attendant, you might want to remember that their first and last responsibility is safety. And as we saw this week, they will risk their lives to save yours.  Isn’t that worth a lot more than a small bag of peanuts?

It made me think, and hopefully, personally demonstrate a little more patience when the stresses and trials of air travel test my temper and good humor.