I’ve had some interesting conversations with CIO’s and CTO’s about Cloud Computing lately.  These are exciting times.  I’m reminded of the earliest days of the personal computer.  PC’s were quietly finding their way into the enterprise computing scene, though you would not have known that by talking to CIOs.  They were mostly in denial, even as executive offices just down the corridor from the CIO’s office were beginning to become home to a variety of rogue PC’s – machines such as Apple II’s and Radio Shack TRS 80’s.

Fast forward 25 years or so.  Now the press is full of predictions and prognostications about Cloud Computing, several key players are investing heavily in this space (pun intended) but many CIO’s and CTO’s either just don’t believe it, see it as warmed over service  bureau computing from the 60’s and 70’s, or believe it’s the greatest threat to enterprise computing sanity since computer viruses first appeared.

I loved this post in ZDNet by Dion Hinchcliffe.   As usual, Dion is insightful, convincing and manages to come up with a clear graphic that helps us understand this emerging phenomenon.   I often have to remind myself about the theme of this blog – what IT organizations will look like in 2017.  That’s why I like Dion’s post so much.  I am absolutely convinced that by 2017, Cloud Computing will be the norm for all but the extreme laggards.