For those who care, I apologize for a recent decrease in frequency of posts – I hope it’s not a real problem for you.  I’m still trying to figure out the optimal frequency and best days to post to this blog. Of course, the bigger issue is sustaining the content, which requires concentrated writing and, perhaps more important, reading time.  For all good reasons, I’ve been consumed by other activities lately – all very interesting in their own rights, and ultimately, more fuel for the blog fodder! 

One of the many activities I’ve been involved in has been putting together a Webinar with the less than crisp but amply descriptive title, “The IT Relationship Manager’s Role in Expanding Business-IT Capability.”   This is a topic I’ve blogged about quite a bit in the past (a search of my site for “relationship management” finds 14 posts that touched on the topic).  I find a great deal of interest in this topic among my clients, and believe the relationship manager role has become critical, and is often misunderstood in bridging the business-IT organizational boundary.  Yes, I know I should not be talking business-IT boundaries, but there are realities out there that we have to accept and deal with – many boundaries do still exist.

Anyway, I’d love to have readers join the Webinar – it’s on June 5, 2008 from 12:00p to 1:00p EDT.  I’m going to be talking about:

  • The defining characteristics and business and IT prerequisites of a Level 3 Business-IT capability
  • Where Level 3 requires dramatic breaks from today’s common practices and attitudes
  • The specific relationship management challenges and required skills for reaching Level 3

So, to join me, and perhaps let’s get to know each other a little better, and spend an hour talking about an interesting and important issue.  Just click on the “register now” button.