Back in mid-December, I posted “You Know You’ve Reached Level 3 When…”   As the BSG Alliance multi-company research project that has been examining Reaching Level 3 Business-IT Maturity shifts gears from its research to its reporting phase, I want to revisit that headline.  Here are some ‘one-liners’ that are being discussed in today’s WebEx session for the participating companies:

You know you’ve reached Level 3 Business-IT Maturity when…

  • There is no separate IT Governance structure – it is converged with Business Governance
  • There is no separate IT Portfolio – it is integrated into the Business Portfolio
  • There is no separate IT Strategy – it is integrated into the Business Strategy
  • There is no separate IT Architecture – it is a component of the Enterprise Architecture
  • There are no separate IT Relationship Managers – Relationship Management is a widespread and diverse Role

How do those statements feel to you?  Are you already there with any of them?  All of them?  If you reached those conditions, how would things be different around IT decision making and value extraction?