A light post today, as I want to point to some excellent thinking on topics related to IT maturity and evolution.  Occasionally, I’ve referred to the connection between increasing business-IT maturity and Next Generation Enterprises (Enterprise 2.0).  A key characteristic of Next Generation Enterprises is their leveraging of Web 2.0 technologies, including Social Networking.

As I’ve immersed myself in the blogosphere, one of my favorite blogs is Idris Mootee’s Innovation Playground.   Yesterday he provided this post – his random thoughts on creativity, social networking and experience design.  I really think this post does a great job of expressing the information overload we all feel, and provides an optimistic view of how Web 2.0 et al can help us through this.  The post also nicely connects into the topic of a designed (rather than accidental) customer experience, the ongoing subject of my colleague Frank Capek’s blog on innovating the customer experience.  Enjoy!