Why Consider The Merlyn Group for Your BRM Professional Development Needs?

Vaughan Merlyn, CBRM:

  • Developed and delivered the very first Business Relationship Management (BRM) professional development program 22 years ago.
  • Has trained hundreds of BRM professionals around the world.
  • Is an active and valued consultant, helping organizations establish and improve their BRM capabilities.
  • Knows what works—and what are the pitfalls and common failure modes in Business Relationship Management.
  • As the BRMI Chief Examiner for APMG-International, led the development of the BRMP® and CBRM® courses and certification exams.
  • Offers both ‘off the shelf’ and custom training to meet your specific needs.
  • Offers on-line and classroom-based training—optionally in a time zone convenient to you.
We are proud to offer off-the-shelf and customized training, based on over 22 years of experience training and helping companies develop their Business Relationship Management capabilities.

To discuss our on-site, online and custom BRM training programs, please contact us.

Here are some recent comments from trainees*:

  • “Great class Vaughan! Thanks for the ideas and energy. Our BRMs already have an off-site day scheduled to discuss the Innovation class, and implement some of the ideas!”
  • “Vaughan, the course was excellent! The material was dead-on. You provided many great insight on the points you were trying to emphasize.”
  • “This was a fantastic course and I’m glad I was able to participate!”
  • “Vaughan did a great job presenting elements clearly with great examples. Also brought wonderful enthusiasm, humor and energy. Thank you.”
  • “The examples which the instructor was able was pull from his experience was very key to the discussions.”
  • “Excellent energy and content. It was engaging and made me want to share it with my colleagues. Thanks!”
*Actual comments from post-training class evaluations.
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