Relationship Management

Business-IT Relationship Management Webinar

A few day’s ago I mentioned that I was doing a webinar (why do I hate that term?) on the Role of the IT Relationship Manager. I am pleased to say that a recording of that webinar (I still hate the term!) is now available at

It requires QuickTime – I hope you find the […]

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From 'Supply Constrained' to 'Value Constrained' Business-IT Model

One of the difficult paradigm shifts that tends to trap IT organizations in Level 2 Business-IT Maturity is the notion that business demand must be constrained by IT supply.  Demand always exceeds supply for IT capacity, so the idea (part of the Level 1 experience) is to set a limit on IT supply, then figure […]

IT Maturity and the Role of Relationship Management

I’ve noted before that Level 1 in the Business-IT Maturity Model is mostly about Supply Management (managing the provisioning of IT products and services for consumption by the business or its customers/consumers), and that Level 3 is mostly about Demand Management (shaping and surfacing the demand for IT products and services from the business and […]

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