Portfolio Management: So Much More Than a Collection of Projects!

I’ve posted recently about Program Management – mainly in response to a reader’s question about how to group projects into programs.  Her question, in turn, was in response to one of my most popular posts on the distinctions between Project, Program and Portfolio Management.
IT Portfolio Management Matters!
I’m delighted that my old post on this topic […]

The Art and Science of Grouping Projects into Programs

I just received a comment on an old post, Project vs. Program vs. Portfolio Management.  This has been a popular post since it was written back in October 2007.  The comment read:
I’m doing a research on how do organizations group their projects into programs, please tell me how do they go about doing that. e-mail […]

IT and Recession: Time to Partner With the CFO?

I’ve posted before that realizing value from IT-enabled business investments requires both a partnership between IT and the business (duh!), but also a partnership between the CIO and CFO.  This can provide the credibility and linkages necessary to ensure that meaningful metrics are defined and tracked, and that accountabilities, both for costs and value, are […]

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The IT Infrastructure Investment Deficit Disorder

How should you treat IT infrastructure investments in a recession?  I was listening to an interesting piece that got me thinking about this question on NPR this morning titled “Obama’s ‘Big Fix,’ And Investment Deficit Disorder.” Renee Montagne interviewed New York Times columnist David Leonhardt about his January 27 article, “The Big Fix.”
Determining IT Infrastructure Investments
Arguing […]

Why a Good Business Case or ROI Analysis Doesn't Ensure Value Realization

I find that most companies I work with nowadays are pretty good at insisting that business requests for IT solutions are accompanied by a robust business case that surfaces all the costs (including total life cycle costs), expected return on investment (ROI), risks, mitigation strategies, and so on.  They have good business case templates, and […]

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How Many "Top Priorities" Does Your IT Organization Have?

A recent client experience reminded me how IT leaders in lower maturity shops love to show off their extensive project lists – it’s almost like a badge of courage!  The bigger the list, the better!  It’s as if, “The busier we are, the more we are doing for the business.”  I’ve found over the years […]

IT Infrastructure, Options, and Cost-Benefit Analysis

There was a piece on National Public Radio this morning that got me thinking about IT infrastructure funding.  I think this is especially relevant as companies consider Web 2.0 technologies and ask the inevitable question – “What’s the value proposition?”  It’s a great question, unless that question gets morphed (as it so often does) into […]

Recession and Business-IT Maturity

Just as a lot of CIO’s were gearing up for a year or two of growth and innovation, many are now being told to “hunker down” for a period of austerity.  The usual first victims – cut travel, cut training, cut anything that smells like overhead!  That Enterprise Architecture initiative that was starting to pay off? […]

You Know You've Reached Level 3 When…

Back in mid-December, I posted “You Know You’ve Reached Level 3 When…”   As the BSG Alliance multi-company research project that has been examining Reaching Level 3 Business-IT Maturity shifts gears from its research to its reporting phase, I want to revisit that headline.  Here are some ‘one-liners’ that are being discussed in today’s WebEx session […]

Podcast on Business-IT Maturity Model

I’m very proud that Tom Parish, host and audio producer for the excellent Enterprise Leadership web site, invited me to deliver a podcast on the Business-IT Maturity model.  Just click on the last phrase in the previous sentence, or right-click to download the mp3 file.

It was a great deal of fun to do – Tom […]