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Chaos, Complexity and the Future of the IT Organization

Did you ever think about the relationship between the magnificent fractal patterns like that in the graphic to the right and IT organization design?  One of my early posts alluded to the climb from Level 1 to Level 2 Business-IT Maturity as “bringing order to the chaos” while the Level 2 to Level 3 journey […]

SaaS – A Missing Link?

I had dinner the other night with a friend who is a very successful software company CEO.  When I say successful, I mean both as in growing a traditional software company from next to nothing to a very successful IPO some years back, repeating the exercise in a very different market segment, and now successfully […]

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Social Networking in a Downturn…

My esteemed colleague Susan Scrupski had a great post the other day entitled “The trouble with social media is, well, people” where she captured something quite important.  It has always been clear that social networking can be both a positive and negative force – but Susan nicely connected the potential and impact of social media […]

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Speedbumps on the Information Superhighway?

I try not to exploit my role as a blogger to promote products or businesses (unless there’s an exceptional customer experience or innovation I really believe is worthy of note).  Nor do I use it to vent frustrations about bad customer experiences (except in rare cases.)  I can’t fully explain my internal compass and guidelines for […]

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The Myth of Information Overload

We increasingly hear complaints about the stresses and strains of “information overload.”  I have to admit, I’m somewhat skeptical of this term and the phenomena associated with it.

First, this is not a new issue.  To the contrary, I suspect that since the earliest days of civilization, people have complained about information overload.  I can imagine the […]

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Is IT Collaboration an Unnatural Act?

Much of the excitement around Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and social networking as it penetrates corporations lies in the power of collaboration.   There a many great tools out there that enable collaboration – in its many different forms.  And there are many communities out there that want to collaborate.  And then there are IT […]

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Business-IT Maturity: Theory Of The Case – Part 1

I’d like to begin examining and making explicit a theory of the case for “Next Generation IT Capability.”  By theory of the caseI mean to identify the major drivers behind increasing business-IT maturity, and lay out some basic principles of business-IT evolution – how today’s IT shops are evolving to capitalize on emerging technologies (e.g., Web […]

Idris Mootee on Creativity, Social Networking and Experience Design

A light post today, as I want to point to some excellent thinking on topics related to IT maturity and evolution.  Occasionally, I’ve referred to the connection between increasing business-IT maturity and Next Generation Enterprises (Enterprise 2.0).  A key characteristic of Next Generation Enterprises is their leveraging of Web 2.0 technologies, including Social Networking.

As I’ve […]