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Web 2.0, Viral Video, Business Agility, and Profits!

There was a lot of press last week about the JK Wedding Entrance Dance video that posted on YouTube and went viral – amassing almost 16 million hits since posting on July 19.
But That’s Not The Real Story…
Much has been made of Sony’s reaction to the fact that the wedding entrance dance was set to […]

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Time to Hang Up My Frequent Flyer Card!

Well, after 12 exciting years with nGenera Corp (and with The Concours Group which was acquired by nGenera 2 years ago) I have decided to change my lifestyle/workstyle and get off the frequent flyer treadmill.  I will continue to be affiliated with nGenera (working with them on multi-company research, executive education and limited consulting assignments) […]

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How Are You Using Web 2.0 Tools?

My company, nGenera has just launched a new multi-company research project into success and failure factors for Web 2.0.   As part of this research, we are gathering data and experiences on employee use of Web 2.0 tools on the job.

If you have been following, or trying to promote or manage, the use of Web […]

If You Like Enterprise 2.0, Your Going To Love Government 2.0!

The idea that government can benefit from Web 2.0 and all its implications is exciting, to say the least.  The notion that government, though technology, can become a “platform” for its citizens, is an incredibly compelling idea who’s time has come.

I’m highly sensitized to this movement towards Government 2.0 for at least three reasons:

My company […]

The Verdict is In – Enterprise 2.0 Has Arrived!

The highly respected Dion Hinchliffe proclaimed late last week that we were in the midst of, “The Year of the Shift to Enterprise 2.0”   I don’t say “highly respected” lightly or with sarcastic intent.  I think Dion has done a fine job of helping us make sense of the whole 2.0 thing.  Also, this particular […]

Why the Notion of the IT Organization is Deeply Flawed!

It’s time to fully acknowledge what I first recognized back in 1980 when I read Alvin Toffler’s remarkable book, The Third Wave.  In that book, Toffler pointed out that the differentiation of production and consumption is not the natural order of things.  Separation of production from consumption was necessary to fuel the industrial age (which […]

Best Buy and Web 2.0

I’ve posted quite a few times on Web 2.0 capabilities as a way to drive new energy, and even innovation, into an IT organization and the company it serves.

The Wikinomics blog (full disclosure – this is affiliated with nGenera Corporation, the company I am with) just posted a very nice piece on how Best Buy […]

IT's Toxic Assets and Self-Funded Stimulus Plan

OK – so I’m climbing on the latest news headlines – forgive me, but I do see an analogy that is important for IT leaders to be aware of.  Current business conditions mean this is a great time for CIO’s to clean up their back yards, and aggressively “kick the IT legacy problem in the […]

Social Networking for IT Organizations in a Recession

I’ve been thinking about a couple of things my CIO clients are wrestling with, and how these might be better approached jointly rather than as separate challenges.  These are:

How to strengthen Business-IT Relationships in the context of the current economic climate.
How to experiment with, learn from and foster Social Networking in the business context (rather […]

Zen, Motorcycles, and the Art of Organizational Change Management

My post the other day on Chaos and Complexity led me into a client conversation about organizational change.  This in turn reminded me of an article I had published back in 1996 in Hewlett-Packard’s Perspectives magazine.  I’ve also said before that occasionally I will dig into one or more of my passions and hobby’s (music, […]

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