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Bach, Canons and the Möbius Strip

A great post from my friend and valued colleague, Espen Andersen.  I love this for several reasons:

I’ve always loved J.S. Bach’s music – there is a mathematical and emotional beauty to his work that shows how structure and order can be emotionally rich and innovative. (Refuting nicely the belief by some that structure and order […]

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Mark Your Calendars – September 18-19, Chicago, Il

I am very excited about an upcoming event we are holding in Chicago mid-September.  I’ve been busily collaborating with an internal team here at nGenera, and with a Professor from Emory University on creating an event designed for senior business, IT and HR executives.  The session, entitled “Unleashing the Core, Innovating the Edge” explores the […]

Leadership Lessons from the Performing Arts – 2

I am passionate about the profession of management consulting – and not ashamed to say so.  I’m especially passionate about business-IT maturity, and how IT organizations transform themselves to bring the highest possible value to the businesses and communities they serve.
I’m also passionate about music – both as a listener, and as an amateur performer.  As […]

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It's in the newspaper, it must be true!

Susan Scrupski commented on my post yesterday that I needed to link more in my posts.  Funnily enough, just as I was getting ready to leave for the airport this morning, I got a call from an excited friend who picked up a USA Today to find my photo on Page 2 of the Lifestyle section.  […]

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I've been tagged and must reveal all (well, not all, exactly!)

As I slowly gain experience in the wonderful blogosphere, I’m learning about the strange cultural norms of this virtual world.  I awoke to find I had been “tagged” in a ritual that demands (or at least pressures) that I reveal “8 things you don’t know about me” and that I tag 8 others.  I’ve let […]

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Leadership Lessons from the Performing Arts – 1

When I started blogging (just 2 months ago!) my wonderful “blog coach” Susan Scrupski told me, “Be true to your own voice.”  Easier said than done!   On my “About” page I said “I’m also an amateur (very) musician and keen scuba diver.  From time to time I will digress to my hobby passions because I […]

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