New Leadership Lessons from Rock ‘n’ Roll

I posted a while back about leadership lessons from the performing arts.  Aside from my career in Management Consulting and training, I’ve long had a passion for music—listening, performing, recording, and so on.  About 10 years ago, I came upon and took advantage of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp.  It’s a cliché to say something […]

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Why Will You Be Part of the World's First Business Relationship Management Conference?

I am very proud that Business Relationship Management Institute (BRMI, which I co-founded early in 2013) is holding the highly anticipated, first ever conference for Business Relationship Managers from around the globe.

BRMConnect is being held in Portland, Oregon, starting with a reception on May 26 then continuing through May 27-28.  The event will be preceded […]

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A Secret to Learning – And Why Multi-tasking May Be Rendering Us All Dumb!

Spoiler alert – no new science, breakthrough research or great new insight here – just a personal validation about learning. This is something I think I knew as a student, but somehow forgot (or ignored?) once I got into the demands of my career in particular and life in general. The need to keep many […]

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Does Technology Help Or Hurt In Achieving Mastery?

Occasionally I drift slightly from the main topic of this blog to draw ideas from my other passions—in today’s case, from my passion for the performing arts in general, and musical performance in particular.

One of my musician friends sent me a web link to a gizmo that replaces the tuning mechanism on a guitar with […]

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Van Halen, M&M's and Operational Excellence – What a Rock 'n' Roll Band Knows About Business Performance!

Regular readers will know that my career as a management consultant is really just a hobby.  My true passion in life is rock ‘n’ roll!  (OK, maybe that’s somewhat reversed, but bear with me!)

One of the things I love about the rock music scene is the legends – some apocryphal, some based on fact – […]

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Accelerating Individual and Organizational Learning – Case Study from a Rock Band: Part 2 of 2

This is Part 2 in a 2-Part post – please see Part 1.
Quick Recap
This post explores how a semantic wiki can support self-organizing teams, using a rock and roll band as a case study.  We developed a semantic wiki using the Symcordia™ platform to enable the band’s development and learning – both collectively (organizational learning) […]

Accelerating Individual and Organizational Learning – Case Study from a Rock Band: Part 1 of 2

My regular readers know that I post from time to time about how wikis can enable organization performance and increase organizational clarity.  (For example see here, here and here.)

In the interests of full disclosure, my company is centered around a semantic wiki platform (currently optimized for IT groups – see for more) so I […]

More Lessons from my Rock 'n' Roll Sabbatical

I came ‘out of the closet’ with my post the other day about my somewhat hidden Dr. Jekyll existence alongside my more public Mr. Hyde life as a management consultant, research and author.  While my Mr. Hyde is known for helping companies through IT and shared service transformations and for my blogerly musings on the […]

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Back From My Sabbatical – with Lessons from Rock 'n' Roll!

I’m pretty sure nobody noticed the fact that I was ‘off the air’ for about a month.  And I’m certain that nobody cared!  But I did feel guilty, and missed the satisfaction I get from blogging and from engagement with those that leave thoughtful comments or challenge my thinking.

By way of explanation, I took advantage […]

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Lessons in Listening: Superior Performance Demands Great Listening!

One of the ‘gifts’ I’m enjoying in my semi-retirement is more time pursuing my musical hobbies – including performing with local musicians and friends.  That creative outlet reinforces for me, at the deepest level, how much good musical performance demands intense listening.  This is so relevant to my ‘professional’ world of IT management consulting for […]

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