Maturity of IT supply of IT capability

The Evolving IT Service Stack

In the mid-90’s, I had the privilege to work with BP as their IT organization went through a major transformation.  Part of this work included working with  Cranfield University (UK) and Nanyang University (Singapore) on a joint business-IT leadership development program, focused on what today we would call Relationship Management.  One of the frameworks we came […]

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You Know You're IT is Maturing When…

You know your IT is maturing when…

There is a constant stream of new IT professionals joining your organization from different industries to your own, and from e-innovators.
Business partners give you easy access – are always happy to talk to you about new ideas.
Projects, even large ones, are stopped because it was recognized that the necessary […]

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Project vs. Program vs. Portfolio Management

I mentioned in the last post the shift from project management to program management as one of the many important shifts in business-IT maturity that typically take place around the middle of Level 2 (in a simplified 3-level model).  I want to explore that in greater detail in this post, and connect it to Portfolio […]