Supply Maturity

Maturity of IT supply of IT capability

Business-IT Maturity Lessons from Capital Markets

I had a conversation yesterday with my colleague Tom Steinthal as part of my Reaching Level 3 research.  Tom has spent his working life at the cutting edge of financial services/capital markets – a space where business-IT maturity is very high – in fact, it is a requirement for survival!  I was trying to draw […]

IT Mission versus Vision

I posted yesterday on how IT organizational mission changes with business-IT maturity – both in terms of satisfying an evolving demand and in shaping that demand.  In other words, as form follows function, organizational capabilities (and corresponding organizational design) follows IT organizational mission.  Typically, a change in IT capabilities or organization implies a need for, or at […]

Business-IT Maturity and Change in Organizational Mission

As I’ve been researching human and organizational development for BSG Concours’s Reaching Level 3 multi-client research, I was reminded of the role of organizational “mission” as frequently expressed through some form of mission statement.   I’ve done a lot of work over the years (both research and consulting) on IT organizational change and transformation, much of […]

Business-IT Maturity and Human Development Archetypes

My post yesterday suggested that human development might be a useful metaphor for Business-IT Maturity.  In particular, we might imagine the parallels between physical, cognitive, social and economic development.  We might apply these developmental dimensions to both business maturity with information technology, and to the maturity of the IT organization.  This gives us both the […]

Human Development as a Metaphor for Business-IT Maturity

As part of the “Reaching Level 3” Business-IT maturity research project I’m currently involved in, I’ve been thinking about human metaphors to see if these add any insight or richness that help us better understand how IT organizations (and the businesses they support) mature, how to assess maturity, and how to safely accelerate the maturation process.
Humans […]

Reflections on 2007 – En Route to 2017

It seems like a good time of the year to reflect on significant milestones or events that somehow mark 2007 on the journey to 2017 for IT organizations.  Ten years from now, when students of IT organizational evolution look back on 2007, what might the year be remembered for?  I’ll split this into a couple […]

Business-IT Maturity: Theory Of The Case – Part 1

I’d like to begin examining and making explicit a theory of the case for “Next Generation IT Capability.”  By theory of the caseI mean to identify the major drivers behind increasing business-IT maturity, and lay out some basic principles of business-IT evolution – how today’s IT shops are evolving to capitalize on emerging technologies (e.g., Web […]

You Know You've Reached Level 3 When…

Less than 60% of IT spend is to “keep the lights on and the trains running.”
You have a real “partnership” with your business partners – they seek your advice frequently; you can “push back” on dumb or ideas for IT that will probably yield low value; they are open to your ideas, no matter how […]

You Know You're Stuck at Level 2 When…

Between 60% and 70% of IT spend is to “keep the lights on and the trains running.” (If it’s >70%, you know your in Level 1!)
Your business partners treat you as “order takers” – bringing you somewhat fleshed out needs that they want you to act upon.
You’ve implemented Portfolio Management disciplines, but only for project […]

You Know You're Stuck at Level 1 When…

More than 70% of IT spend is to “keep the lights on and the trains running.”
Your business partners aren’t “partners” at all, and treat you with suspicion.
It’s hard getting the right level and quality of business involvement in projects – and nobody seems to think that’s a problem!
You see all sorts of connections and opportunities […]

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