Maturity of IT supply of IT capability

Are Your Vendor Partners Holding You Back?

I’ve been talking lately to CIO’s about Business-IT Maturity as part of the Reaching Level 3 multi-company research I am leading.  A recurring theme has come up enough times for me to believe it’s not an aberration. 

Several CIO’s have said to me something along the lines of, “We have several major business partners (providers of hardware, […]

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Forget Maturity Models?

A colleague just pointed me to a ZapThink post last month entitled Forget Maturity Models−It’s time for an agility model.  It turns out the types of maturity model ZapThink would like us to forget are CMMI and any SOA maturity model.  They don’t specifically call out the Business-IT Maturity Model that has been a recurring […]

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Business-IT Maturity – Implications of Discontinuities

Yesterday I suggested a refinement to the single, continuous “S” curve Business-IT Maturity model, to one comprised of a series of “S” curves, with discontinuities between them.  I think the refinement is more than trivial, and certainly not simply cosmetic.  I’ve blogged before on the notion of Level 2 “sticking points.”   These are behaviors and […]

Re-thinking Business-IT Maturity

It’s time to update our venerable Business-IT Maturity curve – this is a BIG DEAL!  (Well, at least it is to some of us!)
For the last 10 years or so I have been drawing a simplified version of the Business-IT Maturity curve as a single ‘S’ curve, or learning curve.  I typically talk about three […]

Clues to IT 2017: When the CIO Owns More than IT

Since starting this blog, I’ve made IT organizations and the issues of driving to higher Business-IT Maturity the central theme (aside a couple of self-indulgent detours into the world of Rock and Roll!)  Even the blog’s title – IT Organization Circa 2017 – is meant to define my scope – what IT organizations will look […]

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The "Unwritten Rules" of Business-IT Maturity – Part 2

Today I will expand upon the introduction in my last post to the topic of ‘unwritten rules’ as they pertain to Business-IT Maturity. 

First a reminder – the Business-IT Maturity model I’ve discussed from various angles since starting this blog last October addresses ‘two sides of the coin’, those being Business Demand maturity(the business appetite for IT […]

Why ITIL is "Necessary but not sufficient"

My post yesterday claimed that ITIL is necessary, but not sufficient for reaching Level 3 Business-IT Maturity.  As anticipated, this has led to a fair amount of traffic, some showing up as commentary on the blog, others showing up as email messages from various vendors of Service Management and ITIL support services.  I therefore want […]

ITIL: Necessary, but not sufficient!

I posted yesterday on the distinctions between IT Product Management and IT Service Management.  Rich Lemieux commented and pointed us to his helpful and informative DITY Newsletter and to his article on the 5 domains of ITIL V3 suggesting that IT organizations organize themselves around these domains as the “five new silos of IT.”

A couple of […]

How Sustainable is Your IT Portfolio?

My post Project vs. Program vs. Portfolio back on October 15, 2007, continues to be the most popular post on my blog, day after day.  Given that, I feel compelled to drill down further into this topic.  Today, I will address IT Portfolio Management, which is at the heart and soulof leveraging IT for business […]

Elevating Business Demand Maturity – Victim or Leader?

I’ve touched on this theme in several posts, but I feel it’s time to call it out: don’t be a victim – be a leader!  I’m moved to get back into this because I continue to hear IT professionals bemoan the fact that “Our business partners just don’t want to use IT to innovate – […]