A collecation of frameworks that I’ve come across that help cast light on the journey to IT 2017.

Why ITIL is "Necessary but not sufficient"

My post yesterday claimed that ITIL is necessary, but not sufficient for reaching Level 3 Business-IT Maturity.  As anticipated, this has led to a fair amount of traffic, some showing up as commentary on the blog, others showing up as email messages from various vendors of Service Management and ITIL support services.  I therefore want […]

ITIL: Necessary, but not sufficient!

I posted yesterday on the distinctions between IT Product Management and IT Service Management.  Rich Lemieux commented and pointed us to his helpful and informative DITY Newsletter and to his article on the 5 domains of ITIL V3 suggesting that IT organizations organize themselves around these domains as the “five new silos of IT.”

A couple of […]

Business-IT Maturity: Theory Of The Case – Part 1

I’d like to begin examining and making explicit a theory of the case for “Next Generation IT Capability.”  By theory of the caseI mean to identify the major drivers behind increasing business-IT maturity, and lay out some basic principles of business-IT evolution – how today’s IT shops are evolving to capitalize on emerging technologies (e.g., Web […]

The Evolving IT Service Stack

In the mid-90’s, I had the privilege to work with BP as their IT organization went through a major transformation.  Part of this work included working with  Cranfield University (UK) and Nanyang University (Singapore) on a joint business-IT leadership development program, focused on what today we would call Relationship Management.  One of the frameworks we came […]

Business-IT Maturity and the Portfolio Lens

I was with a client recently as their CIO was leading one of their regular “town hall” meetings (live meeting for those in HQ, videoconference for those elsewhere).  He was talking (eloquently!) about Next Generation Enterprises, Web 2.0 technologies and the implications for their company and for their IT / shared services organization.

A question from the […]

Project vs. Program vs. Portfolio Management

I mentioned in the last post the shift from project management to program management as one of the many important shifts in business-IT maturity that typically take place around the middle of Level 2 (in a simplified 3-level model).  I want to explore that in greater detail in this post, and connect it to Portfolio […]